Would less be more

A Step-by-Step Program to Tune into your Vitality

The Vitality Fasting™ program  revolves around FOOD AND FAST.

It has been created for you to make changes and take control of your eating, your wellness and your life.

This program is running only 3 times a year. Sign in to stay posted!!!

Not a simple program, a full protocol for wellbeing

“We started fasting together. Our motivation was health related. Our concerns before starting were mainly mental: whether or not we could get through it. Now we have done it, it was actually a lot easier than expected. As the materials from the Vitality Fasting™ program started arriving and we started talking online with Valerie, those doubts were eased. It was comforting to know that we were going through a nourishing process. It’s a good experience and it’s a very personal experience. It can change your relationship with food. I told everyone in my office that it is a good experience and it’s worth it. ”

Wayne & Daniela, Office workers

Personally I was a bit nervous because I had never fasted before, not even for a day although it was always something I had wanted to try. When I heard more about Valerie’s program, I decided to try it. I was so surprised how being without food did not upset my body at all, I felt very calm. The feeling of hunger struck me a few times but it never lasted more than few minutes. All along Valerie gave advice and always had a remedy to any difficulty or worry. It was a great experience that I will most definitely repeat.”

Evelyne, Technical Adviser

“My main motivation for doing the fast was because I had no energy and felt like I was dragging myself around.  I also had bad eating habits. My main concern was that I would be hungry all the time but this was not the case. The preparation and support that Valerie gave us certainly made it a lot easier.  Good preparation is definitely the key! I think that a person doing this should be well and truly prepared for the fast and have a quiet week of looking after oneself without doing anything stressful. I feel great now that I have done the program and am continuing to fast one day a week.  I have my mojo back!  I can concentrate better, am sleeping better and have a lot more energy.”

Ann, Project Manager

I just wanted to say thank you for your care, support, and advice during the Vitality Fasting program. The advice and information you provided really made all the difference in me confidently getting ready for the 5 day fast, managing the feelings during it, and also coming off the fast with maximum benefit. I don’t believe I would ever have attempted a 5 day fast, let alone completed it, if not for my absolute confidence and trust in you as my health coach. I would definitely recommend your program to anyone that wants an introduction to a 5 day fast, and wants to make it as successful as possible for their well-being. Thanks for everything Val.”

Adam, Director