Vitality Fasting
Would less be more

The perfect guide for your first extended fast

The VITALITY FASTING is your answer if

  • You know fasting goes far beyond shedding weight
  • You want to retrieve energy and take control of your eating patterns
  • You want to dive into the physical and mental facets of fasting
  • You decide to go one (big) step further than Time-Restricted Feeding/Intermittent Fasting

Not a simple program, a full protocol for well-being

Ease into an extended fast, fully guided

This three week fully guided program is the perfect way to establish good foundations to EAT and FAST for Vitality, Confidence and Clarity.

Along the journey, you will :

  • REFLECT: on your diet, lifestyle and thinking habits to set yourself for success
  • RESET your digestive system, body and mindset to increase your vitality and mental clarity
  • REJUVENATE your body and your spirit to show up at your best, value your food choices and enjoy life

Through this comprehensive introduction to extended fasting you will discover a way for optimal well-being and healthy ageing. This program has been designed for you to be at home when fasting. This has been designed with your busy life in mind.

Numerous studies show that putting your digestive system at rest uplifts your vitality.  With  retrieved energy and mental clarity, you stress less, move more and eat better.

Not a simple program, a full protocol for well-being

The Vitality Fasting program is not a simple manual, it is a holistic protocol for maximum well-being, so you stress less and enjoy more.
Fasting is a powerful natural way of healing when carried on with care and attention. With this program, you follow the path step-by-step to a more fulfilled and healthy life.

Set yourself for success

Learn to recognize your anti-vitality patterns

Sort out what serves you best

Start your food descent

Access your Full Vitality

Enter the world of fasting with confidence

Tune into the physiological changes

Surf the wave of renewed energy

Take control of your health

Delight in your heightened sense of taste

Enjoy effective digestion

Value your food choices, embody your lifestyle

– 3 Live Sessions: Jump in our private circle on Zoom
– 12 Logs –  Reset – Reflect – Rejuvenate : You just don’t learn, you do it!
– Comprehensive Vitality Fasting Guide: Enjoy the reference
– Easy to follow Vitality Fasting Toolkit: Improve your experience
– Your personal Fasting Journal: Get involved
– Q & A: Get answered

“My main motivation for doing the fast was because I had no energy and felt like I was dragging myself around.  I also had bad eating habits. My main concern was that I would be hungry all the time but this was not the case. The preparation and support that Valerie gave us certainly made it a lot easier.  Good preparation is definitely the key! I think that a person doing this should be well and truly prepared for the fast and have a quiet week of looking after oneself without doing anything stressful. I feel great now that I have done the program and am continuing to fast one day a week.  I have my mojo back!  I can concentrate better, am sleeping better and have a lot more energy.”

Ann, Project Manager, QLD

“With the Vitality Fasting program, this is the easiest fasting I’ve done. The physical sensations didn’t affect me at all, whereas in the past it was. To withdraw slowly form food was really helpful. The program is well stepped, your progress one tip at a time. I also break some eating habits and lose some weight.”

Jamie, Business Owner & Yoga Teacher, QLD

“I’ve started the Vitality Fasting program to cleanse my body by not having food. During the program, I really liked to have a lot of options. I’ve learnt to break my habit of eating for comfort. Now, I know that I can do it, in my daily life, with some guidance and support. I’ve realised food is not an essential part of your life and that’s a liberating thought. I’ve also noticed my blood pressure normalized a few days after fasting. Overall, I’m really satisfied with this experience.”

Juanita, Property Administrator, QLD

“I just wanted to say thank you for your care, support, and advice during the Vitality Fasting program. The advice and information you provided really made all the difference in me confidently getting ready for the 5 days fast, managing the feelings during it, and also coming off the fast with maximum benefit. I don’t believe I would ever have attempted a 5 day fast, let alone completed it, if not for my absolute confidence and trust in you as my health coach. I would definitely recommend your program to anyone that wants an introduction to a 5 day fast, and wants to make it as successful as possible for their well-being.”

Adam, Director, Property Manager, QLD

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Vitality Fasting run for?
The program starts on the 4th of November 2021 until the 22nd of November 2021. Please register your interest. Spring is the perfect time to start: the first few days are dedicated to mental preparation before heading to food adaptation and fasting. This is a step-by-step program so you feel safe and comfortable.

This program can be run individually on request. Please contact me.

Do I have to be on holidays to fast?
The program has been designed to fast while adapting your normal schedule. You don’t need holidays but you certainly need to arrange your agenda to dedicate enough time for self-care.

What about physical exercise?
During the program, you will be guided through an adapted physical activity and be surprised to experience the benefits of movement while fasting.

Is this program about Intermittent Fasting?
No. This program is a full liquid fast.  It is a flexible fast where you pick and choose what is the most adapted to your personal needs.

Why a three week Program?
Fasting cannot be improvised. Those who stop eating overnight may be brave but they may not do well. Following appropriate steps is crucial for a safe and enjoyable fast.

Why full five day fast?
Five days is a sure way of getting the full preventive benefits of fasting. It is accessible to most people keen to jump in the world of fasting while living their life.

Can I fast while on medication ?
The non-negotiable first step before entering a fast, as well as any dietary changes, is to ensure that your metabolic and physic profile will sustain a fast and that there is no contraindication for fasting in your current state of health. Always check with your medical practitioner to confirm you can enter this program. In some instances, fasting may be recommended under medical supervision, which is NOT the purpose of this program. We cannot be held responsible for any complication if you do not follow this advice.

Is there any contraindications to enter the program?
It is contraindicated to fast if  you suffer from certain chronic conditions, low BMI, pregnancy or eating disorders.  Check with your health care practitioner before entering this program. We cannot be held responsible for any complication if you do not follow this advice.

Not sure yet you want to jump in the program?
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