The Vitality-After-40 program is your opportunity
to reverse tiredness, bloating, and overwhelm

The “Vitality-After-40” program is a safe and researched environment that will bring you back in control with your food, your body, and your life. It is specially designed to get your vitality back after 40. It is the roadmap you need to feel energized, light and focus.

I’ve created this program with YOU in mind. You’ve got grown-up kids, a career settled, fulfilling social life, and YET, you can’t find some answers about why you feel sluggish, bloated, and start to put on weight. You are eating and exercising as you used to, and YET, you feel like you are spiraling down and don’t know what suits you at this stage of your life.

And the more you search, the more confused you are. That’s where the “Vitality-After-40” clears up the confusion.

Over 3 weeks and 9 steps,
– You explore the foundations of eating for optimum digestion and full vitality after 40
– You get comfortable with what, when, and how to eat so you feel good in your body
– You bring simplicity into your life for long-term, healthy vitality.

In addition, you will optimize your health and enlighten your mind.

This program gives you the keys to meaningful and fulfilling relationships with your food and with yourself:
– You learn to love healthy food.
– You adapt your planning to your lifestyle.
– You move your body in a way that feels comfortable for you.

This program empowers you to master this pivotal period of your life, as you understand your symptoms and feelings and the way to overcome them.

No Revolution, just a gentle Evolution

Why Would You Sign-Up Now?

  • To Feel Energized & Light

  • To Feel in control & Enjoy Life

  • To Improve your Mood

  • To Love Healthy Food

  • To Lift the Bloating

  • To Enjoy Life

 Feel Energised and Light

The “Vitality-after-40” program is for you

  • If you are at that stage of life where you feel unhappy with your body but deeply know things can be different.
  • If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed, overweight, and/or worn out.
  • If, when you turn to Google to get some answers, you get more unhappy and overwhelmed
  • If you are ready to put your current diet and lifestyle in perspective and give it a new look

This program guides you step-by-step. You simplify your diet and your life while matching your lifestyle, your social life, and your taste.

Holistic-Healthy-Living Method

Live an active & productive life without feeling deprived

The “Vitality-After-40” program IS

  • Simple –  The System is easy to implement and powerful
  • Valuable –  The System adds value to your life and incorporates YOUR core values about life
  • Adaptable – The System is personalized to your lifestyle and personality

The “Vitality-After-40” program IS NOT

  • Not about deprivation – You learn to become in control and at ease with food and eating patterns that work for you.
  • Not a fad diet – You don’t count calories, or don’t manage food groups.
  • Not a quick fix – You stop rushing and forcing. You start listening and tuning in.


The “Vitality-After-40” program is a 3 weeks – 9 steps online program you can follow at your own pace.

Over 3 weeks, you will

• Have access to 9 steps for success, with options to individualize your journey
• Receive regular check-in emails to stay motivated
• Get your personal “Vitality-After-40” journal to keep a record of your progress
• Access my private Facebook Group, where I am your facilitator for 3 weeks
• Access the course content for 3 months

As an option, you can

Personalize your program by booking an optional 1:1 coaching session (30 minutes) with me at a course member price* to identify your roadblocks and make a plan to lift them.

As a bonus, you will receive

• My ultimate Stress Resilience method
• A guide to healing your gut
• Some yoga coaching adapted to your need

The “Vitality-After-40”  does not include nutritional supplements or any functional testing

* This price is not available after registration.

A smooth transformation without deprivation


I’m Valérie Perret, Wellness Facilitator for women over 40.

I help you find the body, the energy, and the life you love. Because if you are always tired and uncomfortable, it’s not only affecting your vitality. It’s affecting your family, your friends, your job, and more importantly, your JOY.

And I know what I’m talking about. Years ago my digestive issues and my very low energy made my life miserable. Today, at 50, I wake up at 5:30 am, go through coaching full-time and teaching yoga, and got the energy I need to enjoy life.

The good news is we do NOT need to work hard to get better! All we need is direction, focus, and support.

As I love learning, sharing, and caring, I can’t wait to share with you my “Vitality-after-40” program, a digest of my lessons and teachings.

More about me:
– I’m a Wholefood enthusiast, qualified Nutritionist, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher
– My passion is to share the power of FOOD, FAST & MINDFULNESS to live life to the fullest.
– I consult both in French and in English*

* The “Vitality-after-40 is in English only but I’m happy to consider your request for a French version
holistic healthy living method
holistic healthy living method


When is the best time to start the “Vitality-After-40” program?

The best time is to start now! Your future is what you are doing in the present moment. If your keep waiting for external circumstances to be perfect to start something for yourself, big chance you are still there in a few years! Try this motto instead: “I am ready to dedicate my focus to feel better in 3 weeks”

Is the “Vitality-After-40” program time-consuming?

The purpose of this program is to simplify your life so you’ve got more time for yourself. Over 3 weeks, you will learn to create space in your busy days. However, you need to dedicate some time to listen and read the content and get familiar with the new principles you want to apply for yourself. You will learn about the “Tool, Time & Team” model to optimize your agenda for better results. 

Is the “Vitality-After-40” program for all women over 40?

The “Vitality-After-40′” program is for you when you implement changes with awareness*.  Your body is designed to cope with all the principles of the program but may not be used to. The purpose of this program is to learn to listen to your body so you can go safely to the level that suits your lifestyle and your health the best. 

Will I lose weight and how long will it take?

The “Vitality-After-40′” program is not focused on “dieting” or nutritional choices that will make you lose weight. It encourages you to make decisions about how healthy and energized you want to feel. As your body becomes more healthy and your hormones balance out, you will start to lose weight. 

I’m afraid to feel hungry

Keep in mind your appetite is hormonally driven. By addressing hormonal balance first you become at peace with your transient urge for eating. I’ve seen it countless times. The step-by-step process will progressively guide you to understand hunger, urge and cravings so you can overcome them. 

* If you suffer from specific issues or are currently taking some medications, please ensure any dietary changes are suitable for your current health situation before subscribing. Check with your medical practitioner to confirm before starting. We cannot be held responsible for any complications if you do not follow this advice.

Fell Energized & Light


” I feel fantastic! This program is the best I’ve never done. I have lost weight, I’m not feeling my stomach so big and my focus is much much better. I didn’t realize before that my head was foggy, and that I couldn’t think straight. Now I perform better, I go from task to task easy. I just didn’t realize before this program how much diet affects your ability to think and to focus amongst all other things.” – Dorrie, Teacher, ACT

I loved the structure of this program. Changing behaviors/ habits is difficult, but changing one or two behaviors at a time and substituting them for a better alternative is a fantastic way of changing behaviors in the long term. This program is good value for money because I have a way of eating and living that is for the rest of my life, and I believe that I now have the tools to maintain this.” – Pauline, Accountant, QLD

“When I started to work with Valerie, I was unhealthy, overweight, and just feeling sluggish all the time. There have been massive changes in my eating behaviour. With this program you get the help and guidance to learn about healthy eating.And it hasn’t been hard! I had this hesitation to start because I thought I would have to cut out anything I liked. But it’s just an understanding that you can have some of those foods occasionally but in fact you crave for these things less and you enjoy the healthy foods you are eating more.” Sue-Anne, Market Researcher

I entered this program because I was eating like there was no tomorrow. I was eating all the time and putting on weight. After only 3 weeks, I feel better physically & psychologically. You have to stick to the program to get the results, take advantage of the support offered, and engage in the group. I’ve also learned a lot by listening to the webinars: it provides the why of what you are doing” Jocelyn, Assessment Officer