The Vitality-after-40 Hub

Welcome to the Vitality-after-40 hub. I’m so glad you are here. This is the one-stop shop created for you to get you through the menopausal years with grace and energy. In one space you will find all the principles I have applied to myself  (and more I’ve learnt since) so I feel better at 50 than I was at 30!

From disheartened to empowered

Over 10 years in practice, I’ve met countless of women feeling disheartened, disappointed and sometimes depressed about the transformation in their body and mind as the clock ticks 40+. I even heard “I know I need to lose weight to improve my blood markers, but it’s too late now”!

I often hear “it’s impossible” or “it’s too late” and yet, after years of studying brain plasticity and nutrigenomics,  and experiencing the changes in myself, I know impossible is not the option.

Perhaps you used to think impossible was the way too. But the fact you are here makes me think you are ready for the big move forward.

This space is yours to create your own healing journey from body to mind. I’m on your side to support each steps you go through so you feel energized, light and focus again.

Yours in health and wellness


Courses, Programs & Challenges

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Hormonal Reset

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The 10-Day
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How do our courses, programs or challenges work?


GO THROUGH THE CONTENT for the day/week. Maximum 15 min per day.


Each step addresses a habit! MAKE THE CHANGE YOURS with practical strategies.


PRACTICE THE CHANGE so it becomes a new supportive habit and TRACK YOUR PROGRESS with reports.

Get Support

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“I loved the structure of this program. Changing habits is difficult, but changing one or two behaviours at a time and substituting them for a better alternative is fantastic way of changing behaviours in the long term. This program is good value for money because I have a way of eating and living that is for the rest of my life, and I believe that I now have the tools to maintain this.”  

Pauline, Accountant, QLD

“I feel fantastic! This program is the best I’ve ever done. I have lost weight, I’m not feeling my stomach so big and my focus is much much better. I didn’t realize before that my head was foggy, and that I couldn’t think straight. Now I perform better, I go from task to task easy. I just didn’t realize before this program how much diet affects your ability to think and to focus amongst all other things.” 

Dorrie, Teacher, ACT