Welcome I’m Valerie Perret, Wellness Facilitator at BE Well Vitality,

The world is changing! As we navigate this uncharted experience, I want to assure you that I am here to support you as we move forward.

At the present time, in accordance with the Government requests and my professional association bodies, I am now fully operating online via teleconsultation.

You can either call me on 0488 042 021, send me an email at Valerie@bewellvitality.com or book online here.

Once you have booked, you will receive an email invitation to your session. All you have to do is to click on the link provided in the invitation, at the time of your appointment. Once you enter the conference room, please click on “join with computer audio”.  If your device has a built-in camera, that would be really handy for us to connect. Just check prior to your session about the settings and I will meet you there.

Alternatively, phone calls for short appointments are also appropriate if that what is convenient for you.

Please be assured that I’m here to support you if you need additional help. The studio is open for online meeting from Monday to Friday at that stage, for any  existing or new client, you are welcome to reach me.

Everything is set up for me to meet you in that new environment because together, we are stronger.

Yours in health and wellness,

You have been listening to Valerie from BE Well Vitality.