This 10 DAY Real Food Remedy is an ideal challenge to recover your energy and love your body after 40.

Life is filled with parties, foods, and other indulgences, likely to excess. Extra sugar, extra stress, extra pounds is the lot of most of us after 40. These “extras” get you angry, grumpy, and hungry. They overwhelm your digestion, sap your energy, impacts your skin glow and affects your general wellness.

The purpose of this challenge is to bring you back to calm, mindfulness and control so you thrive over the months ahead. Over 10 days, let me guide you to release the stress, the bloating and the extra weight, so you feel stronger, lighter and in control.

Follow the simple steps outlined in detail. Focus on self-care and pleasure. Experience the return of your optimum energy and well-being.

The Real Food Resolution is a challenge created by Valerie Perret, Wellness Facilitator & Wholefood enthusiast,  qualified Nutritionist and founder of BE Well Vitality.

Feel stronger, lighter and in control


1. Activate your systems of detoxification and elimination

2. Nourish your liver with true foods

3. Conquer your cravings

4. And experience a cleaner, leaner body, and a clearer mind


This challenge is your first step if you

  • Have over-indulged during the last weeks
  • Feel angry, grumpy or hungry
  • Are currently reflecting on what you could have done for your health and you haven’t yet
  • Are ready to feel stronger, lighter and in control.

It’s not for you if…

  • You are not ready to commit some time and focus on changing your eating patterns over ten days
  • You are suffering from chronic conditions that need to be addressed before getting in charge of your food choices by yourself
  • If your food choices may interfere with medications you are on (check with your medical practitioner)

A cleaner, leaner body and a clearer mind

What’s included in the Real Food Resolution Challenge?

This challenge contains lots of information, recipes and valuable tools that will support your healthy eating habits long term. Here is a summary of exactly what is included:

  • The Real Food Resolution Menu Plan, with options to suit your needs and your shopping lists

  • The Real Food Resolution Recipe Book, with quick, easy, delicious recipes you can adapt for your family

  • The Real Food Resolution Pantry Detox Guide and Journal, to get ready and stay on track

  • 10-part course to guide you step-by-step into the Real Food Resolution challenge, with quizzes, guides, tips. This course answers many of your questions and motivates you through the 10-day challenge

  • Online support from Valerie through the ten days.

Once you purchase the program, you will have immediate access to the course and all documentation and guidance as you need it, so you can pace yourself and ease into changing your eating habits.

Self-Care & Pleasure


Valerie is a Wellness Facilitator and Wholefood Enthusiast. Based on her French culture, Australian experience and Sailing adventures around the world, she provides guidance to women ready to live life to the fullest and feel Confident, Light & Free. Her passion is to share the power of Food Fast and Mindfulness for healthy longevity.
She is a qualified Nutritionist (BHSc), Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher who believes in the potential of wholefood and mindfulness for good health and wellness. She consults both in English and French all around the world and from her studio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.


When does this challenge start and finish?

Design your own start date: schedule your ten consecutive days of Real Food Resolution to start anytime.

Do I have to stop coffee and/or alcohol?

This challenge is a time you take for yourself to give your body a rest and find your energy naturally. Both coffee and alcohol are liquid substances that put a strain on your liver, the main detoxification organ. Both are mainly used to boost you up or relax you down. It is highly recommended to detox from these substances at least twice a year.  

Do I need to be a good cook to go through the Real Food Resolution?

No. You definitely don’t need to be a chef (and I’m certainly not). The recipes are simple and do not require specific cooking skills. Basic cooking tools will be handy.

Can I share this challenge with my family?

Surely. With a few adds-on, quick to prepare, your husband and kids will benefit and love the recipes. 

Do I have to take supplements during the program? 

The recommended supplements are not required, only recommended.  Supplements costs are not included in the program as they are individually recommended. 

Can I follow the Real Food Resolution if I’m not living in Australia? 

You sure can. All the materials are online. If you choose to support your journey with nutritional supplements, and you are not living in Australia, we can recommend some European brands.

Feel stronger, lighter and in control


“When I’ve started to work with Valerie, I was unhealthy, overweight, and just feeling sluggish all the time.The most obvious about where I am now is the weight loss. But I’m also much happier about how I feel about myself” – Sue-Anne, Market Researcher, Manly

After this challenge, I will take time to slow down and eat mindfully. this challenge has made me stop and think, savor the moment and really taste the food.” – Anne-Marie, Executive Assistant, Brisbane