For a full step-by-step, in-depth discovery of your authentic needs, schedule your free 20-minute discovery call. We will discuss the best option for you to discover your ideal diet and lifestyle and support your best health and weight while creating a healthy mindset, and adopting sustainable, healthy, energy-lifting habits.

Being a stressed out, tired, working women, you know deeply it’s time to be back to self-care. But you feel you don’t have time to make changes or think you will not be able to do it.

I hear you! Adopting new habits that last is challenging! It not only requires patience, persistence & focus but also accountability and support. Remember that the most successful people ask for help.

I provide the support you need to access your transformative power, so you create a well-nourished body and a happy well-balanced life. Our Nutrition Starter Pack is the best way to discover a sustainable way to manage your ideal weight, optimise your vitality and feel calm and focussed.  The best place to start is where you are now!  


12 Week Nutrition Coaching Bundle

Pace yourself and get 1:1 attention over 3 months

4*Nutrition Coaching Sessions*
4* Motivational Emails
1* Menu Plan

1 Initial “Reframe Your Wellness” Session + 3 Follow-Up to assess your progress

6 Months Nutrition Coaching Bundle *

Because you know good things take time

5 * 1:1 Nutrition Coaching sessions
5* Comprehensive reports
5* Motivational coaching emails
with all the hand-out and relevant information offered

Only after available after a Nutrition Starter Pack or an initial coaching session

Diet Analysis

Know where you start from

Get your diet diary
Record your food
Receive some general advice on how to improve

This analysis provides general information and need further assessment in order to constitute targeted advices.

If you are not sure what’s the best option for you, book your 20-minute complementary call now

Reframe Your Wellness*

Assess your progress and adapt your Wellness Plan

1* 1:1 Follow-up Visit

Only available after a Nutrition Starter Pack or an initial coaching session

8-Week Weight Loss Program

Reset your Metabolic Set-Point

1* Pre-Screening appointment
1* Initial Consultation
3* Check-in Consultations
3* Motivational Checks
1* Recipe Book
2* Professional Grade Protein Supplement

“Vitality-After-40” – 3 Weeks
Online, 9 steps for success, with options to individualize your journey

I’ve created this program with YOU in mind. You’ve got grown-up kids, a career settled, fulfilling social life, and YET, you can’t find some answers about why you feel sluggish, bloated, and start to put on weight. You are eating and exercising as you used to, and YET, you feel like you are spiraling down and don’t know what suits you at this stage of your life.

And the more you search, the more confused you are. That’s where the “Vitality-After-40” clears up the confusion.

The goals of the “Vitality-After-40 program in 3 steps:
* You Feel Energized & Light
* You Feel In Control & Enjoy Life
* You Love Healthy Food & Lift the Bloat

The “Vitality-After-40” program is a safe and researched environment that will bring you back in control with your food, your body, and your life. It is specially designed to get your vitality back after 40. It is the roadmap you need to feel energized, light and focus.

Feel Energized and Light

This program gives you the keys to meaningful and fulfilling relationships with your food and with yourself:
– You learn to love healthy food.
– You adapt your planning to your lifestyle.
– You move your body in a way that feels comfortable for you.

No Revolution, just a Gentle Evolution

” I feel fantastic! This program is the best I’ve never done. I have lost weight, I’m not feeling my stomach so big and my focus is much much better. I didn’t realize before that my head was foggy, and that I couldn’t think straight. Now I perform better, I go from task to task easy. I just didn’t realize before this program how much diet affects your ability to think and to focus amongst all other things.” 

Dorrie, Teacher, ACT

I loved the structure of this program. Changing habits is difficult, but changing one or two behaviours at a time and substituting them for a better alternative is fantastic way of changing behaviours in the long term. This program is good value for money because I have a way of eating and living that is for the rest of my life, and I believe that I now have the tools to maintain this.”

Holistic Healthy Living Method - FoodPauline, Accountant, QLD

“When I started to work with Valerie, I was unhealthy, overweight, and just feeling sluggish all the time. There have been massive changes in my eating behaviour. With this program you get the help and guidance to learn about healthy eating. It gives you full support to go through the journey. And it hasn’t been hard! I had this hesitation to start because I thought I would have to cut out anything I liked. But it’s just an understanding that you can have some of those foods occasionally but in fact you crave for these things less and you enjoy the healthy foods you are eating more.”

Sue-Anne, Market Researcher, QLD

I entered this program because I was eating like there was no tomorrow. I was eating all the time and putting on weight. After only 12 weeks, I’ve lost lot of weight and I feel better physically & psychologically. You have to stick to the program to get the results, take advantage of the support offered, and engage in the group. I’ve also learned a lot by listening to the webinars: it provides the why of what you are doing”

www.bewellvitality.comJocelyn, Assessment Officer, QLD

REAL FOOD RESOLUTION – 1O Day to feel Stronger, Lighter and In Control

10 Day to release the stress, the bloating and the extra weight.

Feel stronger, lighter and in control.

With this all-done-for-you challenge you will experience the return of your optimum energy and well-being while you focus on self-care and pleasure.

Feel Stronger, Lighter and In Control

This program includes:

– A daily protocol for the entire ten days
– A complete menu plan with options
– Many delicious recipes easy and quick to prepare
– Comprehensive handouts to guide you through your cleanse
– Online support from Valerie throughout the challenge

Feel Stronger, Lighter and In Control

After this challenge, I will take time to slow down and eat mindfully. this challenge has made me stop and think, savor the moment and really taste the food.” 

Anne-Marie, Executive Assistant, QLD

“When I’ve started to work with Valerie, I was unhealthy, overweight, and just feeling sluggish all the time.The most obvious about where I am now is the weight loss. But I’m also much happier about how I feel about myself” 

Sue-Anne, Market Researcher, QLD

Vitality Fasting™ – 3 Week Food & Fast Protocol
A Full Protocol for Wellness

The 30 day Vitality Fasting™ protocol is the perfect way to establish good foundations to eat and fast.

Through this comprehensive holistic protocol, inspired by an European method, you will increase your Vitality, gain Confidence & Clarity so you eat better, move smarter and get on easier with stress.

The program runs only twice a year. Please check the contraindications before starting.

With the Vitality Fasting Program

– Assess your eating habits and your thought patterns to set yourself for success
– Dive into less to get more so you increase your vitality and mental clarity
– Use this vitality to

Show up at your best at home and at work
Value your food choices, Embody your experience and Enjoy life
Take control of your health: eat better, move smarter and get on easier with stress

This program has been designed for you to be at home and adapt your usual schedule when fasting. This has been designed with your busy life in mind.

Would Less Be More?

“The Vitality Fasting program was completely worthwhile:: my sinuses and digestive system have not flared up since. Everything is ticking along nicely. I was also surprised how much weight I lost and didn’t put all on again.”

Kathy, Photographer & Yoga Teacher

“I just wanted to say thank you for your care, support, and advice during the Vitality Fasting program. The advice and information you provided really made all the difference in me confidently getting ready for the 5 days fast, managing the feelings during it, and also coming off the fast with maximum benefit. I don’t believe I would ever have attempted a 5 day fast, let alone completed it, if not for my absolute confidence and trust in you as my health coach. I would definitely recommend your program to anyone that wants an introduction to a 5 day fast, and wants to make it as successful as possible for their well-being.”

Adam, Director

“My main motivation for doing the fast was because I had no energy and felt like I was dragging myself around.  I also had bad eating habits. My main concern was that I would be hungry all the time but this was not the case. The preparation and support that Valerie gave us certainly made it a lot easier.  Good preparation is definitely the key! I think that a person doing this should be well and truly prepared for the fast and have a quiet week of looking after oneself without doing anything stressful. I feel great now that I have done the program and am continuing to fast one day a week.  I have my mojo back!  I can concentrate better, am sleeping better and have a lot more energy.”

Ann, Project Manager

“We started fasting together. Our motivation was health related. Our concerns before starting were mainly mental: whether or not we could get through it. Now we have done it, it was actually a lot easier than expected. As the materials from the Vitality Fasting program started arriving and we started talking online with Valerie, those doubts were eased. It was comforting to know that we were going through a nourishing process. It’s a good experience and it’s a very personal experience. It can change your relationship with food. I told everyone in my office that it is a good experience and it’s worth it. ”

Wayne & Daniela, Office Workers

“With the Vitality Fasting program, this is the easiest fasting I’ve done. The physical sensations didn’t affect me at all, whereas in the past it was. To withdraw slowly form food was really helpful. The program is well stepped, your progress one tip at a time. I also break some eating habits and lose some weight.”

Jamie, Business Owner & Yoga Teacher

“When Valerie told me about her fasting program she was very enthusiastic. Personally, I was a bit nervous because I had never fasted before, not even for a day although it was always something I had wanted to try. When I heard more about Valerie’s program, I decided to try it. I was so surprised how being without food did not upset my body at all, I felt very calm. The feeling of hunger struck me a few times but it never lasted more than a few minutes. All along Valerie gave advice and always had a remedy to any difficulty or worry. It was a great experience that I will most definitely repeat.”

Evelyne, Technical Adviser

“I’ve started the Vitality Fasting program to cleanse my body by not having food. During the program, I really liked to have a lot of options. I’ve learnt to break my habit of eating for comfort. Now, I know that I can do it, in my daily life, with some guidance and support. I’ve realised food is not an essential part of your life and that’s a liberating thought. I’ve also noticed my blood pressure normalized a few days after fasting. Overall, I’m really satisfied with this experience.”

Juanita, Property Administrator

Food Focus Detox – 3 Week Program
The Detox in your Power

Food Focus Detox

The Food Focus Detox is a guided three-week exploration. It is super simple to follow so you focus on the experience.

You will receive all documentation and guidance you need to pace yourself and ease into it. Over 3 live sessions, you will also get your personal detox assessment and receive your personal template, unique to your needs. As soon as you purchase the program, you will have immediate access to the first email and will book your one-on-one conversation.

New habits are created from new experiences and this 3-week program offers you the opportunity to demystify dietary changes and to experiment a doable detox focused on food. This is the perfect tool  to stop feeling sluggish and start feeling energized.

The goals of the program in 3 steps:

       Repair – Tweak and treat. Assess your digestion and address imbalances
       Refresh  – Cleanse your diet. Learn to recognize foods that promote vitality and optimum immunity
       Renew – Cruise along. Implement lasting changes

Food Focus Detox – The Detox in your Power

With the Food Focus Detox

1. You identify which foods and habits are likely causing you to exceed your natural detoxification capacity
2. You eliminate foods that slow you down to replace by foods that lift you up
3. You restore the balance of your digestive tract and focus on nourish foods now for good health in the future
4.  You ease your way into detox, ease your way out and be kind to yourself along the way

Food Focus Detox – The Detox in your Power

Food Focus Detox

” Thanks Valerie I have enjoyed the last days incredibly. I could not be happier. In fact I am sharing my ‘continuing ‘ experience with all who will listen. I now feel that mentally I am ‘vegie’ forward / not craving grains or bread. What a difference  few weeks in a lifetime can do for your spirit and good health. I was sure I could do it, but with you by my side it was pure joy. Thank you.” 

Suzanne, Self-Employed, VIC

BE Well – Individualised Nutritional Therapy

Be Well Vitality Wellness and Health in Brisbane West End - Nutrition and Lifestyle

If you need to investigate the root causes of some chronic dis-ease or un-ease, this option is for you.

You will get an individualized health plan, monitor your progress, amend the plan as necessary, reassess your health goals and receive motivation and support. We ensure that all steps proposed are achievable in order to make changes that will last. The number of visits will depend on your personal circumstances and rhythm (a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended). We may recommend additional pathology testing.

One-on-one sessions are organised via online video call on Zoom, in English or in French.

80% of chronic health conditions find their root in poor digestion and poor nutrition. That’s why we always focus on optimum digestion and nutrient optimization.

In order to get you back on track or to correct imbalances or malabsorption, we may prescribe some nutritional supplements. We often recommend professional products to ensure quality and therapeutic dosages at value for money.

BE Well – Stay Well™ – 6 Month Program – Mentoring For Eating Habits That Last

The common belief that it takes 21 days of conscious effort to establish a new habit is a myth. Effort and focus through 21 days is not where things end, but where things begin. Research shows that success happens through consistency on a larger scale.

We all know that it makes perfect sense to adopt habits that facilitates health and success but why are some so difficult to adopt?

Forming a new habit requires 3 phases:

The “Honeymoon” phase that is the result of something inspiring. For example, feeling more energized after 2 weeks being on a cleanse diet.

The “Fight Through” phase, which is about focusing hard on the habit to maintain it. For example, forgetting how you were tired before you start and slowly side-tracking before being back on track.

The “Second Nature” phase, or being in the groove and surrendering in it. This is the phase that is commonly missed in the 21 days myth.

So, breaking a long term habit, such as eating patterns, take a lot of effort in time. When you are relying solely on yourself to do it, it can seem even harder. Did you notice that the most confident and successful people ask for help to people who can coach them, guide them and offer them some accountability?

If you feel you need further accountability and support to go into and stay in the “Second Nature” phase, let’s have a chat [LINK]. We all know that good habits require patience, persistence & focus but also accountability & support.

I have just created a 6 months accountability mentoring program “BE Well – Stay Well™ – Mentoring for eating habits that last”. During this program, we will meet online once a month around a specific topic, such as frequent blocks review, or brain support for long term changes and many more.

This program is the perfect way to stay on track in the coming 6 months so you feel:

–         Clear on the food you pick

–        Calm with the food you choose

–        Concise in your eating habits.

This mentoring program offer a monthly group session online over 6 months.

Disclaimer: This website provides general advice. The information provided is not a substitute for medical or psychological support. It is solely for educational and information purposes.  Consult your health care provider to ensure any diet or lifestyle changes are right for you. As every single individuals circumstances will be different, no individual results should be seen as typical.