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  • The Hormonal Reset is designed to lose weight , recover your energy, and love your body after 40. Belly fat and fatigue become uncontrollable after 40. A big hormonal shift is running in the background. Everything you used to eat, drink or think is not working anymore. The Hormonal Reset will bring back a sense of calm, mindfulness and control into your life. Over 6 weeks, with the support of like-minded women, you will be guided through a step-by-step process to release the weight, the stress and the bloating in a methodical and efficient way. The Hormonal Reset program includes:
    • 3 individual coaching sessions to identify your personal goals and assess your progress
    • 6 weekly group sessions to master hormonal balance, ask questions and feel supported
    • The Hormonal Reset Guide to stay in sync with the process and for long-term results
    • 6 weekly comprehensive emails to get the memory of each session for future reference
    • Access to the Hormonal Reset private Facebook group for accountability and support when life takes over
    Not sure this program is for you? Let’s have a conversation and discuss your personal best option:
  • Hormonal balancing starts with food. What you eat affects the production of hormones, their signaling pathways and their detoxification. Many chefs and mentors have enlightened my diet and the diet of the women I empower daily. This cookbook is the result of my 10-year exploration into their work, hormone function, nutrient utilisation and cooking. With 60 wholefood recipes based on hormonal balance nutrients, you have plenty to play with to make healthy nutritious menu plans and keep your hormones in sync. This cookbook includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and desserts to keep your weight down and get your energy back. If you need to be guided through a comprehensive step-by-step method to release the weight, the stress and the bloating in a methodical and efficient way, let's have a conversation and discuss your personal best option:
  • The hormonal Mastery is opened to all attendees of the Hormonal Reset. It is designed for you to master your hormones and thrive. In 12 weeks, you will get the most from a group dynamic combined with private session. You will pace yourself and deeply transform your life with a diet, lifestyle and mindset approach from the best of science and experience. This program guarantees you will become fully attuned and happy with your body from inside out. The Hormonal Mastery includes:
    • 6 * private one-on-one session to tailor the program to your lifestyle and your taste
    • 6 * group sessions to get the support of like-minded women
    • 6 * comprehensive summary so you get access to the content for life
    • Access to the Hormonal Mastery private Facebook group for accountability and support when life takes over
    Please ensure you have successfully completed the Hormonal Reset program before enrolling and check the next onboarding date is compatible with your agenda.
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    Express E-course to lift your ENERGY UP in no time WHEN you eat matters as much as WHAT you eat. If you are busy and want to improve your energy and self-esteem in no time, this Express E-course is for you. You will find WHY skipping snacks is the first step for optimum vitality and HOW to skip snacking in 3 powerful, simple steps. Go through the content at your own pace - Follow the lessons that appeal to you The Real Food Resolution includes:
    • 12 videos to understand the benefits of skipping snacks
    • A powerful 3-step system to stop grazing all the time
    • Unlock the Block Cheat Sheet
    • Useful  journal to keep you on track
    Please ensure this program is suitable for your current health situation before subscribing. It is advised we have a conversation prior to any enrolment. Always check with your medical practitioner to confirm you can implement the dietary changes recommended. We cannot be held responsible for any complication if you do not follow this advice.
  • Tired of feeling tired, bloated, and overwhelm? The "Vitality-After-40" program is your opportunity to feel EMPOWERED, LIGHT and ENERGIZED.
    No deprivation, no impossible task. Just simplicity and dedication.
    Dive into the content at your own pace. Explore the foundations of eating, breathing, and moving for optimum digestion and full vitality. Get comfortable with what, when and how to eat. Bring simplicity into your life for long term healthy vitality. The "Vitality-After-40" program includes:
    • 3 weeks of online learning - view or listen when it's convenient for you
    • Self-Evaluation practices - learn more about yourself
    • Your personal "Vitality-After-40" journal - keep a record of your progress
    • Access to my private Facebook group - I'm your facilitator there for 3 weeks
    • Access to the course content for 6 months
    • An optional 1:1 coaching session (30 minutes) at a course member price (price not available after registration) - identify your roadblocks and make a plan to lift them
    Not sure this program is for you? Let’s discuss your personal best option – Book HERE 


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