Day Menu for Optimum Motivation


Nourishing your body and brain with the right nutrients is a great way to keep your motivation high.

This one day menu is all you need to support your brain to release Dopamine, your Neurotransmitter for Optimum Motivation.

You can start your day with some loose leaf Green tea

Green tea is a winner in dopamine production. Its component L-Theanine causes significant increase in dopamine concentrations in the brain[i] along with two other feel-good neurotransmitters, serotonin and GABA – You can get a dopamine boost by drinking 3 cups of green tea per day.


Don’t skip breakfast – Your brain needs to break-the-fast with quality food. Include some form of protein and avoid sugar. Sugar will cause a quick rise in your dopamine level and your body will quickly ask for more. This leads to an addictive rather than a supportive pattern.  If not hungry before leaving home, bring your breakfast with you and eat when your body is ready to digest some food.

Some breakfast ideas for a motivated day

  • Refried Black Beans with avocado
  • Quinoa Egg Bake with Thyme and Garlic.
  • Some hummus with vegetable sticks.


If you need a snack between meal, you can opt for few berries[ii] or a stewed apple. They  contain quercetin, a potent antioxidant associated with neuroprotective effects by preventing dopamine loss[iii]Add a small handful of walnuts (check they are raw and not rancid) and you’ve got a boost of omega-3 for perfect neurotransmission


For lunch, the winner is a Beetroot salad served with some boiled eggs. Check the recipe here.

Red beets contains betaine, a methyl-donor useful in the production of dopamine and serotonin. Eggs are a good source of Tyrosine, the amino acid precursor of dopamine, and choline, necessary for healthy neurotransmission[iv].  Yoghurt is high in Phenylalanine which the body converts to Tyrosine. Check with your practitioner if you have any intolerances or sensitivities to dairy.


The “King of meal” for brain health –  Baked or Steamed Wild caught Salmon with Broccoli. Along with being a complete form of protein, salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, a building block of your cell membrane that promotes optimal neurotransmission and elevate dopamine levels.  It is also rich in iron and vitamin B12, two essential co-factors in the conversion of the precursor amino acids. Broccoli is a good source of  folate needed for the conversion of Tyrosine into dopamine. Consuming adequate levels of this vitamin helps ensure your body can make the dopamine it needs.

Don’t get addicted

Sugars give instant gratification as they trigger high amount of dopamine production. The “reward” system of your brain goes in overdrive and you soon crave for another quick hit[v]. Natural foods cause moderate release of dopamine.

Remember, moderation and variety is key and don’t forget that dopamine release for optimum motivation also relate to engrained eating habits. If you experience digestive issues, poor absorption of one of these nutrients may contribute to you feeling flat , mentally exhausted and … un-motivated.  Any question regarding your digestive capacity? Feel free to book your Complimentary 15 minutes Wellness Session Here

Yours in Health & Wellness – Val