Wish you Were Here & The Paleo Med diet


A beautiful crispy day of September 1996, after a year of hard work, planning, and preparation, I cast off La Grande Motte in the South of France. Four friends on board a 41’ sailing boat, en-route for the most beautiful adventure of my life: sailing around the world. I wish you were here. Fresh fish, vegetables from many gardens around the world, and meals shared with people from everywhere.

Right from the beginning, I was in charge of the food supply. I’ve always been inspired by the cultural aspect of food. I’ve grown up eating wholefoods, freshly picked in my grandparents’ garden and prepared from scratch by my mother.

You can believe me. I’ve experienced the healing power of the Mediterranean diet and the mysteries of the French paradox all my childhood and my early adulthood. And 10 years on, I dived into biochemistry and pathophysiology to get the science behind the experience.

Two years later, I came across Dr. Alex Vasquez extensive research on chronic inflammatory disease at a conference in Barcelona – I wish you were here. I brought back the concept of the Paleo-Mediterranean diet. This nutritional protocol has been validated by experimental research, peer-reviewed human trials, and based on common sense. This is where I draw my eating and cooking experience from.

I don’t think I could find better ground. That’s why I keep sharing about this diet. That’s why I keep applying it in the feasting part of my fasting trend. Maybe you have never heard its name. But sometimes I do believe we go better without labels.

If you look for disease prevention, if you contemplate weight management, if you want to get the bloat out, feel focus and energized, and/or if you aim at aging healthily and gracefully: think Paleo-Mediterranean diet mixed with some fasting.

This diet has it all:
–    More than 8,000 phytonutrients, and ample fiber for optimization of many metabolic processes
–    Nutrient-dense, based on a good ratio of healthy fats and protein to promote satiety
–    Whole food-based, chemical and additive-free, and anti-inflammatory to support healthy weight
–    Prebiotic and probiotic-rich for going further into gut health.

If one size does not fit all, I haven’t found yet a diet that is fitting so many.

All the ingredients and the recipe are offered in my new Vitality-After-40 program.

The Paleo-Mediterranean in a nutshell
– A colorful plate
– Quality protein
– Quality fats in good ratio
– With fewer grains
– Without refined sugars, chemicals & other additives

The Paleo-Mediterranean Lifestyle
• Moderation & variety
• Hydration
• Fasting lifestyle
• Daily physical activity
• Relaxation

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