What matters to you?


March is the month for committing to what matters to you.

Now is a great time to examine and create your plan, a time to revisit your intentions for 2018 and bring back your health and wellness at the top of the list, a time to reflect on your needs and desires to get ready for the 2nd trimester.

I have recently heard and lived a lot of confusion around food and health. I hear: ‘I’m eating well but I still don’t lose weight / feel low / experience tiredness ” or “I realize that I’m not where I thought I was”. These feedbacks are here to show us that now is the time to step into new avenue.

Sometimes we need to create space to bring clarity. Sometimes we need to go beyond our limitations and bring the unknown to step forward. It is true for all life experiences including food and eating patterns.

You may need or desire to improve your mental clarity, to lose weight, to increase your energy, to slow down your ageing process? You may need or desire to reverse the steady rise of your blood glucose, your blood pressure, or your weight? You may need or desire to get clarity about what constitutes a healthy diet & lifestyle? Whatever your need or desire, I encourage you to look at what matters to you and commit to it.

Yours in health and wellness,


PS:  If you decide to go beyond your limitations and live the adventure of fasting in a safe & supportive environment, check the Vitality Fasting™ program.

PPS: if it’s a “maybe” or you need more clarity about the way to go, book a call so we can get in touch and discuss the best plan for you.