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How to stay well and energized when you travel


As long as I can remember, I was picturing myself as a globe trotter. After 4 years sailing around the world, I am still looking for every opportunity to discover the vast country of Australia I am living in, or to tramp foreign destinations, cultures and traditions. Being a wholefood enthusiast, I love sharing the local flavors and cooking methods.

But I know that eating well and staying healthy while traveling can be a little tricky. After all these years wandering around, I have learnt to pack a few essentials and implement some rituals that keep my vitality at the top and jet lag at bay. These tips are valuable both on the plane or when arrived at destination.

The core of my traveling plan is HYDRATION. I start early and ensure I’m perfectly well hydrated before traveling. The tricky part is in the plane. Don’t get caught into waiting for a hostess to bring you a single glass of water! I always keep a bottle with me (I empty it before going through control and fill it back at the public fountain in the airport). I sip water regularly during the trip (traveling to the bathroom is a good way to avoid sitting too long too. That’s probably why my preference goes for an aisle seat!). Hydration is the best tip to prevent jet-lag and fatigue. I also pack few of my favorite herbal tea to sip on the plane or in my hotel room.

I pay attention that I’ve got enough SLEEP few days before I depart (start traveling exhausted and jet lag will become a nightmare!). In the morning before departure, I get a hearty breakfast. Based on eggs and lot of vegetable my favorite is my Kale Lentil Breakfast Bowl. A dandelion root tea supports my digestion. And close to go, I have few berries blended with some raw cacao powder and coconut milk.

My second focus is to maintain my immune system on top. And it all start with my GUT HEALTH. I usually prepare my travel overseas a couple of week in advance. I start taking probiotics and continue during my stay over. I add some immune support that also helps my body dealing with the stress caused by travel. My mix is usually based on buffered vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc, Ginger & Turmeric.

I generally don’t eat in the plane. I just keep hydrated and go for some snacks during the longer legs. Plane food or food found at petrol stations when you drive around will not fuel your body for vitality. I always pack few nuts, some fruits as well as some protein and green powder in small containers. These are handy to make quick and easy meal replacements. SNACKS or SHAKES keep me energized and full.

My preferred snacks are
– A few Magnesium Boost Balls,
– A Trail Mix based on almonds, walnuts & Brazil nuts, with some sulfur-free dried apricots
– Some carrot sticks
– Some ginger bites in case of nausea.

Once at destination, I always adjust to the new time zone as soon as I arrive (and don’t plan late nights the first two days). I’ve learnt not to have my favourite nap on these first two days to recover quickly from jet lag. I use my favorite CALMING HERBAL TEA such as lemon balm and chamomile before bed with 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation or diaphragmatic breathing exercise.

As soon as I arrive, I put my radar on for FRESH, WHOLEFOOD, VEGETABLE-BASED OPTIONS. I also prefer apartments or cabins to hotel room so I can prepare some steamed vegetables or salads. If in a hotel room, I’m used to research the eating places around to look at the menu options and ask for alterations such as dressing on the side or additional vegetables instead of fries. If I don’t find nourishing fresh food close by, I buy a can of tuna with pre-washed salad and lemon juice or use my protein and green powder as a meal substitute.

I also ensure I get some regular PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, preferably outside. Walking, swimming or going to the gym at the hotel. Being outside and moving around is key for my own sanity and energy.