Tropical Chia Pudding with Pawpaw & Coconut

Papaya (or pawpaw) is rich in antioxidant, vitamin C and live enzymes that are good for healthy digestion & glowing skin, while chia seeds are rich in fiber and a good source of alpha-linolenic acid that our body converts to omega-3. This pudding is versatile and really easy & quick to prepare: use as a snack or breakfast


Serve 1

1 tbsp coconut flakes

1/2 cup chopped ripe papaya

5 tbsp of coconut milk

2 tbsp chia seeds


In a glass or a jar, add coconut milk to chia seeds and stir well.

Let sit for 30 minutes or overnight in the fridge.

Top with coconut flakes and papaya

Tips: use any other tropical fruits such as pineapple or kiwifruit