More important for healthy longevity than nutrition…

You are in good health and yet… you feel that things could get better?

Bloating, dull skin, sporadic headaches and many more discomforts are the consequences of an over-abundant diet, a polluted environment and a stressful lifestyle.

You often disturb your natural body processes by your lack of care and your daily excesses! The consequences are manifold and affect your wellness, your look as well as your health. Fatigue, skin problems, constipation, or even joint pain, allergies or depression are common signs your body is under toxic stress.

Fortunately, it is possible to reverse these uncomfortable messages from your overwhelmed body! The solution is to REVIVE YOUR NATURAL DETOXIFICATION PROCESS to get back on track and feel light, energetic and refreshed.

Substances harmful to your well-being are numerous. Every day you ingest, inhale and produce hundreds of them. Accumulation of toxins comes first from food, the most intimate relationship between your body and your external environment. An unknown number of natural contaminants and more than 2,500 chemical substances are finding their way into our food. Then come thousands of chemical molecules in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the cosmetics and households products you use. Additional to these exotoxins, your body produces its own metabolic wastes, or “endotoxins”.

All these toxic compounds you ingest, inhale or that penetrate through your skin use the same routes of elimination.

In the end, your body has to spend a lot of energy every day to dislodge these harmful substances, via the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the skin. In excess, these organs of elimination end up being overwhelmed: many residual toxins remain in your tissue, resulting in symptoms such as headaches, pains, or disrupted sleep. Hence the importance of cleaning up from time to time, the very principle of detoxification.

Why would you consider a detox?

The first reason to detox is to repair your intestines, the seat of health, that is damaged by bad digestion. The first culprit is your diet which has changed more in the last six decades than during the previous hundreds of years. Most of the calorie intake in Western countries – 57.9% in the US – now consists of ultra-processed food. Food is transformed and contains complex chemical elements such as pesticides, preservatives, or dyes.

On a daily basis, the body of a healthy adult gets rid of these toxins. However, when the toxic load excess the natural capacity of detoxification, the body starts to send some uncomfortable messages of overwhelm.

Detoxification is based on simple, natural and effective solutions around food, nutrients, massage, breathing and moderate appropriate exercise. In combination, these solutions relieve your entire body, contribute to your fitness weight and enhance your wellness.

In the coming Declutter Detox program, you invite new habits into your life to limit your toxin exposure and boost your daily toxins elimination.

This blog is meant to educate and should not be used as a substitute for personal medical or psychological advice. The reader should consult his or her physician or clinician for specific information concerning specific medical conditions. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the information presented is accurate, however, new findings may supersede some information presented. As every single individual circumstances will be different, no individual results should be seen as typical.