The Jump From Good to Great

After 40, we crave taking care of our body and mind while being asked to do all sorts of things that don’t involve self-care. And we end up feeling fatigued and overwhelmed. We succumb to committing to long hours at work, supporting growing kids or nursing parents, and even sometimes putting up with hubby demands.

That’s Sue’s story. After 3 months of commitment, dedication and motivation, Sue was where she was dreaming to be 3 months earlier: she has lost the weight she wanted and was feeling energized, focussed, and driven towards what fulfills her. But then, she started to lose her mojo again. Her planning was out of the window, her eating behavior was suddenly back to square, and she started to feel sluggish again. She was disappointed and disempowered.

This is the danger of finding success. You no longer do the things that got you the drive in the first place. And this ends up being the difference in you ever making the jump from good to great.

It is far easier to go from bad to good than good to great. This is where focus and determination come to play. This is where organization, planning, and discipline will make the real shift. This is where empowerment and resolution last.

Now in my fifties, and “good” but certainly not “great”, finding the time to keep my mojo is more difficult. To defeat this difficulty, I play games with myself and I set boundaries to clear room for self-care.

I am going straight to my yoga mat as I wake up, rain, shine or hail, and end up my session with 45 minutes of meditation, tired, bored, or overthinking. Box ticked at 6:30 am. No distraction, nothing on my way at that time. And big satisfaction and real wellbeing for the day ahead.

All that to say, to get to “great”, which I have every intention of arriving at, I’m realizing it’s about consistency and actions. And I’m realizing the latter informs the former.

Greatness is about being the driver of our life and the maker of our choices. The enemy of greatness is going back to what is expected from us.

Do you keep steering towards YOUR destination so you feel Energised, Light and Focus? If not, watch my video to discover what happens when you “become the wind” and get from good to great.

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