Stop Winter Setback

Winter. Days get shorter, and clothes get tighter. Statistics show that people tend to put two or three extra kilos in winter.

To make statistics lie, let’s talk about three main myths around winter weight gain I’ve come across in my clinical practice:

1- Overeating surrender vs healthy eating proactive

While we are genetically programmed to increase fat stores for survival during cold times, we no longer need to surrender to this genetic conditioning when food is abundant all year round. Become proactive about your diet and more mindful of your eating patterns:

Plan your meals – Planning gives you more control over your eating patterns.
Drink warm, not heavy – Avoid giving in the second latte with sugar to warm you up. Get in the momentum of sipping on hot herbal or green tea with a squeeze of lemon.
Reflect on your eating patterns – Health and wellness are not solely about what you eat, but when you eat. Assess the frequency and timing of your meals.

2- Warming foods vs heavy foods

In winter, you are reaching to warming food to raise your body temperature. However, warm food is not necessarily caloric or comforting foods. Forget about pasta, creamy sauces, hot puddings and wine for comfort.

Cook soups – Cook vegetable-based soups in batch and add legumes to fill and warm you up.
Journal – Become aware of the food you crave for. Journaling is a wonderful way to bring awareness into your automatic daily actions.
Spice your life – Ginger, cloves, cumin, garlic are warming food that supports your digestion. When you digest better, you eat less.

3- Slowing down vs setting back

Less sunlight affects your sleep hormones. Your feel more sleepy and may have less energy and motivation as a result. You end up eating more and moving less. However, slowing down does not necessary means setting back!

Exercise in the morning – You tend to be more motivated than in the evening.
Get out at lunchtime – Vitamin D affects fat storage and the production of fat cells in the body.
Focus on your solutions, not your setbacks – reflect on what you will do more of, less of and write it down.

Most importantly, don’t take for granted you will put on weight during winter. Jump in, and experiment these practical tips right now. The best place to start is where you are now!

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