Start a new tradition for Easter


Easter Eggs


Holiday periods including Easter are times when most of us tend to eat more and drink more than we normally would.
The point here is that it can be difficult to get back onto healthy eating habits and lifestyle once you have gone too far. This is mainly due to your brain starting to crave the food you normally stay away from and your mind falling into the attitude: “What’s the point?”. 

When you continue to eat healthily and controlled through these periods, THEN you have come a long way towards better health. 

Processed foods can be very addictive, particularly products based on white sugar and white flour. They are everywhere when you are traveling or socializing. And the more you eat, the more you want it.  

I’ve listed below some easy to follow guidelines for you this Easter:

– Drink plenty of water: thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Start by a glass of water before drinking any alcohol  and before starting eating. 
–    Fill up your plate with vegetables. Visit the juice bar nearby to add variety or prepare your own with fennel, rocket, ginger, mint…
–    Take your time and pay attention to what you are eating. Mindfulness has been shown to reduce overeating.
–    Eat and drink strong flavored plant foods. These flavors can counter the taste and craving for chocolate. Try licorice, fennel, ginger or peppermint tea. Add radicchio, radish, onion, culinary herbs to your plate. 
–    Give away chocolate : giving is a great way to boost your “Happiness Trifecta” (namely oxytocin, serotonin & dopamine, all in one) 
–    Be selective: satisfy your sense of pleasure and sharing by eating cacao nibs or a very high cocoa mass chocolate, at least 85%. 
–    Move: Physical activity  will help reduce cravings and improve mood and energy levels.

Wish you a happy healthy Easter time. 

Yours in health and wellness,

PS: These tips are also the perfect tips to get ready for the adventure of fasting