Simplify your life after 40

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What do you desire for yourself after 40?

You may feel at a corner of your life. You are probably juggling a career and a family and still trying to eat healthily in the limited time left. Your body may not feel yours anymore. You may experience bloating and weight gain. And your metabolism seems to inevitably slow down as you feel constantly tired and sluggish.

To get your mojo back in a way that fits your lifestyle, your social life and your taste, let’s dive into the Fasting Lifestyle System benefits:

Simply Active & Productive

The Fasting Lifestyle is not about food restrictions or cutting out specific food groups. There is no calorie counting, no weighing of food and no need to buy lots of expensive ingredients.

The Fasting Lifestyle System is liberating. All you have to do is to choose how long you will fast and how well you will eat. This is a big emotional shift as you stop mindless, emotional eating. Something you can start right now!

Conveniently in Control

Once you decide when you eat and how well you eat, you save time. Food preparation and meal timing are now contained in the time frame that suits you. And you also have a lot less opportunity to mess up with your eating choices!

Clearly Adaptable

It can be incorporated into anyone’s life. Whether you are a vegetarian, or on a gluten-free diet, time-poor or money-tight, travelling for work or going to the office at a regular time, single or managing a big family, the Fasting Lifestyle System fits into YOUR life.

You get back in control as you change your perceptions on food and eating. You discover that hunger is not a big deal. You realize how much your approach to food is conditioned by your environment. Mindful eating happens naturally. Because you learn to implement what works for YOU as it fits into your professional and family life.

“Difficulty is in all beginnings”

This is one of my mentor catchphrase and something that I experience all the time. That’s why I’ve created the Fasting Lifestyle System. To get you on track. To give you a safe and confident start into what will become a way of life for years to come. And to share with you good foundations for long term health and healthy ageing.

Clarity, Simplicity, Authenticity

Clarity, Simplicity, Authenticity are the pillars of this Fasting Lifestyle System. It is a 6 week – 9 steps method.

Above all, it is a System that is sustainable because it fits into your life. You can find more information here

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