Simplicity is Abundance

I am dedicated to living and teaching a simple life. Not the simplistic aspect of life that renders things easy. But simplicity as “the ultimate sophistication” (Leonardo De Vinci). Simplicity as the “quality of being plain or uncomplicated in form or design” (Google definition)

In the simplicity I long for and live for, I include my grandfather’s lessons, and the lessons learnt from four years of travelling on a sailboat.

I started to embrace simplicity as soon as I remember. I dreamt of travelling as young as three years old. While I was caught regularly in the ” doing” and ” having” of urban life, a deep urge for decluttering and moving emerged often to bring me back to simplicity. My life has been ”packable” for years until I left sailing around the world.

Simplicity on board was a necessity. Keeping what Nature provides and letting go of the surplus was the only way to fit the space and energy for travelling on the ocean. I had to learn to live with water scarcity, cold showers, no fridge, no supermarkets, and no wardrobe. And I started to discover the abundance of doing more with less.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Simple eating means making the joy of a plate of homegrown vegetables, away from a complicated recipe or long preparation. Simple eating is knowing when to stop eating so that when you start again you deeply enjoy it.

A simple meal is a meal honoured and respected. It involves the quality of natural ingredients cooked with love and encompasses Nature to the table. A simple meal is a plate brought to life with love and care, with vibrant, fresh, local food eaten slowly and respectfully.

A simple space means to choose carefully and sparingly the set-up you wake up in, the picture of your daily living. A space that reflects your personality and walks away from excess. A simple space is where every piece of material or furniture is chosen carefully and lasts long.

A simple environment is an environment that respects your body. Nature is invited to the party through light, fresh air, natural fabrics and natural skin care. Up to thirty ingredients in a face cream do not fit into a simple picture.

Simple movement means quality over performance. A movement that is respectful of your body and energy. A movement adapted to your life stage. A movement integrated into your simple life. I found the ultimate sophistication of simple movement through a deep and regular yoga practice.

A simple mindset starts with awareness and mindfulness. Constant noise, information, and flicking lights create insidious stress. Bringing simplicity in your approach to these constant demands unloads their impact on your body and mind.

Simplicity does not have to be complicated

Simplifying your life does not have to be complicated. It starts with one step at a time.

– Make your next meal a simple nourishing meal. One based on Seasonal, Local, Organic, Wholefood.
– Assess your morning routine. Look for the space and time you can create. Look how you can limit the number of products you use.
– Check your train of thought. Create a specific moment in the day when you stay still, with your breath.

Simplicity is a work in progress. And with every simplification, comes abundance.

I would love to hear what simplicity and abundance are for you.

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