Magnesium Boost Balls

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This recipe is one of my favorite and a real Magnesium boost! This makes a delicious healthy snack, perfect when you want to indulge in chocolate therapy.

Cacao powder – the real cacao powder from cacao bean, is high in magnesium and anti-oxidant – it increases your tolerance to stress, relieves fatigue and slows down the ageing process. Added to the magnesium-rich almonds and sesame seeds, it gives you a real boost.

Don’t forget that you are using up a lot of magnesium when under stress, and you need magnesium to keep our energy up!

Number of serve : Between 15 and 20 balls

– 1 cup almonds (soaked overnight);
– ½ cup of dates (soaked for 1 hour);
– ¼ cup raw cacao powder;
– Some sesame seeds to roll the balls in
– 1 drop of peppermint essential oil (optional)

1- Soaked almonds overnight and dates one hour prior to making the balls.
2- Drain almonds and dates and blend all ingredients. Form into balls and roll into sesame seeds or extra cacao powder.

Notes: you can add a scoop of quality protein powder (pea protein or fermented rice is good for vegetarian) to ensure stable blood sugar levels and further contribute to stress relief.