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“Everyone can perform magic, everyone can reach his goals, if he is able to think, if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast.” ― Hermann Hesse, Sidhartha

Do you feel abundance turns into excess, and information into overstimulation more than often? In Western countries, we have fallen prey to a culture that is always craving for more.

Maybe you’ve noticed it’s progressively happening around you or to you: a scattered sense of connection, low-grade depression, diluted sense of purpose…

Beyond abstaining from food fasting may be the life-changing experience you are waiting for. As a holistic approach to life, it is an opportunity to regain control over your thoughts, change your perception of food and your environment, and connect to your inner self.

Fasting is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual approach all-in-one. As you experience the power of abstinence in a world of abundance, you learn to control your mind.

1- You improve your relationship to food

By staying away from food, you don’t take food for granted. You become conscious of your physical and emotional cravings. And you realize they can be overcome. You also take the time to reflect on the value of food. You become more grateful and mindful with the food you consume later on.

Fasting is a creative way of approaching food. It is an art of eating, a strong impulse for changing your nutritional and eating habits.

2- You improve your mental well-being

Food and information overload often lead to brain overload. While you fast, your mood, mental clarity, and creativity improve. You feel more productive. Thanks to ketone bodies, your brain’s main source of energy at the time.

While you challenge your status quo with food, you gain control over your health and well-being. You realize how much you can do for yourself to heal, repair and support your body. You are better equipped to implement self-help measures.

3- Your improve your relationship to yourself and others

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle

Fasting is a specific time in your life. As you withdraw from food, this is a great opportunity to withdraw from mental clutter and find emotional balance.

By voluntarily and temporarily abstaining from food, you embrace uncertainty and discomfort, you let yourself be moved by curiosity. You naturally let go and dive into personal introspection.

As you turn your emotional urges out, you also tune more into your intuition. Fasting has been used throughout history as a way to elevate consciousness. If you haven’t done a week of fasting you may miss an important personal experience.

You can fast for mental performance, for spiritual reasons, for detoxification, for weight loss and a variety of other reasons.

As eating brings pleasure and not eating brings joy, I do fast for metabolic health, mental performance, and happiness. And I’m delighted to share my expertise and experience with people like you, who are ready for a new experience.

Yours in health and wellness.

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