Life after 40 is an opportunity


Absent from mainstream media, taken for granted at work, less looked at by our partner.  Did you notice you feel unnoticed after 40?

With it, you may have given up the possibility of starting a new career, a new life or a new diet because “it’s too late”, “weight gain is normal as you age” or “ you are tired because you are getting older”. 

However, beyond what you have ingrained from your mother, your colleagues, your friends, or the media there is a totally different reality:  The reality of taking your mid-life as an opportunity!

It’s time to realize that your lifestyle should change as your hormones are changing. Your symptoms of lethargy, weight gain and low mood are there to show you that you need to adapt to your hormonal changes.  

Life after 40 is a real opportunity.

  • The opportunity to Reclaim your hormonal balance 

To thrive through your menopausal years and beyond, your lifestyle and mindset need to match your hormones.  

If you don’t want to end up completely depleted in your 50’s, you need to regulate your insulin levels differently. 

If you have a coffee drink with sugar and milk, or a few crackers to combat lethargy,  the burst of energy is only short-lived. You quickly crash after and end up feeling more fatigued. 

To stop the roller coaster of inadequate energy and ever-changing moods, you need to nourish your body with balanced meals. By eating the correct portions of lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fat in every meal, you can start to reclaim your hormonal balance and keep your energy up.   

For a quick day of hormonal balance meals,
– Start with a breakfast of  mashed avocado and white beans with some rocket salad
– Combine some sardines with beetroot, a load of parsley and tahini dressing at lunch
– Enjoy a light, roasted vegetable frittata at dinner.

  • The opportunity to Restore your energy

At 40 + you are probably busy. Busy with work, kids, family, house chores, meeting your friends, going to the gym. The “do-it-all” you could cope with at 30, even 40, you cannot handle it anymore at 40+. 

If you don’t want to end up exhausted and cranky in your 50’s, you need to regulate your cortisol levels differently, as cortisol is your main stress hormone. 

When you come home after a busy day and have a pasta dish with a glass of wine, and then some ice cream for dessert you affect your sleep[1]  and impair your detoxification[2].  You perpetuate the vicious cycle of “wired and tired”.

To enter the virtuous cycle of getting good sleep, optimum detoxification and a balanced dinner time, you need to revamp your meal times, your exercise rhythms and your evening routine. 

For restoring your energy
– Clean up your sleep hygiene to get better recovery
– Create your destressful meal plan so you have more time, and eat earlier and healthier
– Keep moving judiciously – regularity shows more benefits than intensity.

  • The opportunity to Reflect on your lifestyle

The best healing stories start with self-love. 

Your emotions can drain you. Emotional turmoil can have a  greater affect on you than a physical one, draining your energy further.

You may think self-love has nothing to do with your goal of overcoming your hormonal belly, your lack of energy, or your mood swings. But in fact, self-love has everything to do with it.

As your body secretes the neuropeptide oxytocin, you reduce your cravings for sweet foods, you lower your cortisol levels and you suppress the part of your brain that processes fear and anxiety.

For managing your emotions and acknowledge your need to take care of your Self
Start journaling your feelings
– Make a date with yourself to read, take a bath or enjoy a walk
– Learn to breathe deeply

If you are still reading this blog, I bet you are ready to make your life after 40 an opportunity to Reclaim your Hormonal Balance, Restore your Energy and Reflect Deeply on your Lifestyle. The best time to start is now. Go through this article again and action the 9 tips offered.

If you need accountability and support, the Vitality-after-40 system gives you all and more practical and doable tools while offering motivation support.

[1] Late-night eating is correlated with poor sleep, poor sleep leads to sugar cravings and sugar cravings distort appetite and lead to late-night eating
[2] A late meal diverts the energy usually spent on maintenance, detoxification, repair and growth to digestion
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