My Personal Experience of Fasting

New Year, New Energy, New Vitality.

Last December, Jenny Mc Fadden, intuitive energy healer, invited us to reflect on the past year, to let go off its emotional charge and to move on to 2018 accompanied with the sole acquired knowledge from these multiple experiences.

One of my challenging experience in 2017 was to enter my first fast. As a nutritionist, fasting was something I have been contemplated for a while. Deep inside, I knew that with abundance comes excess and accumulation, while life is about simplicity and lightness. And that it deeply applies to the food we eat.
However, each time I was considering the option of fasting, my Monkey Mind started to rush, find multiple excuses and raise fears. At the same time, I was certain that I would discover something key for my physical and mental health as well as my professional life.

This year I’m committed to share my experience and knowledge with you around food timing, calorie restriction, and fasting mode and their impact on your health and wellness.

Listening to one of Valter Longo’s interview yesterday and connecting to my own experience last November, I realize the potency of the fasting mode in this society of permanent food solicitations.

Longo’s epidemiological and experimental studies show that cells do not regenerate well when constantly submit to food and that in most organisms short term starvation is beneficial. Eating all the time in an obsessed way would be like stopping sleeping: you end up depriving your body from recovering, replacing and repairing.

BOTH starvation and nutrient create a response in our genome and impact cellular protection and regeneration. What current science shows us is how excess from one side or the other is detrimental and how balance is key in overall health.

More will come this year about calorie restriction, fasting mode and eating rhythms for welcoming weight loss, wellness and healthy ageing. More about the connection between food , body and mind.

Yours in health and wellness,