♡ My November Fasting Journey ♡

15 years ago, I started to live fully my life again. Since early childhood, I had suffered from some chronic digestive issue – that we now call IBS – and mood disorders. More and more disappointed as I was going from doctors to specialists, I went through a drastic change of lifestyle. In my new life, I intuitively went for new foods, new eating patterns and starting to feel better.

As a lifetime student, my inquisitive mind (I spent more than 15 years studying) started to look for an explanation on what seems to be a “miracle”. Gone the days at home because of explosive diarrhoea or social activities avoidance because of severe bloating and abdominal pain!

Five years later, I had left my well-paid corporate job and was enrolled as a full-time student, en-route for my Bachelor of Health Sciences in Nutritional Medicine.

Few years into practice, I started to look for another missing piece of the puzzle and dived into what I call Chrono-Nutrition. Nutrition/nourishment is not solely derived sum of nutrients you ingest. When you eat and your state of mind when you eat matter!

If books, courses and webinars helped to intellectually understand the tangible effects of daily eating patterns at a physiological level, only you (and me) can make deep sense of all. By our personal experience, trial and error, we all find our personal way, sometimes away from the scientific evidence. Because one size does not fit all.

That’s how I started to feel a deep call for fasting, despite reading about three meals a day and two snacks as the main way. Four years ago, I enrolled in my first extended fast under the mentorship of the naturopath Thomas Uhl in France. And this was my missing piece in the puzzle!

The experience of full ketosis and a complete digestive rest brought a new physical and spiritual dimension into my life. Gone the day I was always travelling with some nuts and seeds in my pocket to manage my blood sugar levels. Gone the heavy symptoms of perimenopause. Gone the residual funny tummy that was still appearing randomly.  My rebel mind found freedom from food, as my troubled body found peace away from food.

Let me be clear. Extended fasting is not easy. It is literally a personal journey where you walk through joy and difficulty, through wins and discomfort. I am grateful that I started this journey mentored and fully supported, with my questions answered on the spot.

I am now honoured to mentor and support those who want to experience that path, step-by-step, from my learning and experience.


Start point: 52.8 kg – 25.2% fat *
Day 1 fasting: 50.9 kg – 21.2% fat
Day 5 fasting: 49.6 kg – 18.7% fat
End of protocol: 50.9 kg – 18.1%
+ 3 weeks to the end: 51.9 kg – 16.8%

First 2 days: mild headache from coffee withdrawal
Day 2 slump in energy, very quick pick up
Day 3 mental clarity, creativity
Day 7 got to peace myself to reintroduce food

Ketosis journey:
Start: None
Day 2 Fasting : Traces, 0.05g/L
Day 3 fasting: Faible, 0.15g/L
Day 5 Fasting: Fort, 0.8g/L

“I feel grateful for my spiritual practice. It is a wonderful support to feel at peace on this bumpy road.”
“I came back to my toolbox a lot this time. I feel well equipped with my past experiences.”
“Nobody believed it was the right time to start this fasting. I am at peace with my choice. This time is good for me to process what needs to be processed.”

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