MidLife Mindset

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I’ve recently had a few conversations around “irremediable ageing” during my nutrition consultations and yoga teachings. A profound surrender is always associated with this feeling and more than often it goes hand in hand with “What’s the point?” attitude.

As a Wellness Facilitator, I immediately engage my coaching gears to turn around this common Midlife Mindset. Because our thoughts influence our biological body.

Ageing is a reality. At the biological level, it results from the accumulation of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage. One of the main factors for ageing cells is that we don’t give them the opportunity to be serviced. With a supportive environment, our cells thrive.

1- Fasting is a part of our diet we have lost

Science confirms that, after 40, our body has the capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate.

Evidence is accumulating that Time-Restricted Feeding and extended fast trigger a metabolic switch that promotes stress resistance and increase healthy longevity. So, now is the right time to review meal timing.

Fasting is a part of our diet we have lost. However, with constant caloric abundance, the body is in an ongoing anabolic state (cell proliferation state) that is not counterbalanced.

Over fasting periods, some nutrients sensors such as IGF-1 and mTOR are downregulated. This is our longevity insurance mechanism: the biological signal for our cells to be recycled and repurposed through a mechanism called autophagy.

Autophagy is a crucial housekeeping process. This cellular clean-up and cellular regeneration is slowing down the ageing process and is associated with longevity and healthspan.

When cells are in famine mode and don’t have to break down food, they pause their usual tasks and stop dividing. Instead, they work on repairing and recycling damaged components and cleaning out dead or harmful cell matter.

Cellular recycling and autophagy start around 14 hours after the fasting process begins. When we have an after-dinner treat at 8 pm and start with a coffee with milk at 7 am, we don’t give enough time to the body to go through this regenerative process.

2- Reconquer your Rejuvenation

When you eat matters as much as what you eat. The circadian disruption of your meals and constant eating puts a toll on your healthspan.

Temporary “starvation” primes your system for rejuvenation. Refeeding rebuilds new cells. Both combined increase health.

Fasting or Time Restricted Eating is a great way to prevent, postpone and protect from chronic disease and dis-ease. However, if fasting is affordable, accessible and efficient, it is not easy nor simple to implement.

There is a lot of reluctance of depriving ourselves of food for a while. Because food is highly connected to our deep sense of safety and comfort and food is abundant. The idea of fasting and Time-Restricted Feeding is counter-intuitive and unsustainable for most people.

There are however many fasting approaches, scientifically supported, that create positive health outcomes without compliance problems. So now the question is to find the method that matches your personality, your lifestyle and your taste. This is the purpose of the Fasting Lifestyle System.

What I know for sure is that fasting starts with Skipping Snacks. I’ve just created an Express E-course specifically on Skipping Snacks. Because spacing your meals is a great way to approach fasting and Time-Restricted Eating. The best place to start is where you are now and it starts with Skipping Snacks.

This blog is meant to educate and should not be used as a substitute for personal medical or psychological advice. The reader should consult his or her physician or clinician for specific information concerning specific medical conditions. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the information presented is accurate, however, new findings may supersede some information presented. As every single individual circumstances will be different, no individual results should be seen as typical.