Oxytocin & Your Hormonal Hierarchy

A caress, a cuddle, a hug, a kiss, a pat. Love is poetic and romantic as much as it is part of our hormonal hierarchy. Because love talks directly to your genes, your metabolism and your hormones.

The Chemistry of Love

Oxytocin is called the “Love Hormone”. It prompts trustful, bonding relationships and convivial behaviour. And you get full benefits in return, because a boost of oxytocin positively affects your entire hormonal line.

For example, as soon as you get an oxytocin boost, your stress hormone cortisol plummets. You start to feel calm and peaceful.  The “Love Hormone” even lessens your anxiety when you are prone to excess worry.

Oxytocin also talks to your hormones insulin and ghrelin. What does that mean? You become less attracted to food, you burn more fat, and you handle carbohydrates better. You end up with reduced fat around your middle, just from feeling love, a great outcome during those menopausal years.

Your Future Self to Love

Your primitive brain lives in the past and looks for instant gratification. When you listen to your past Self with no vision of your future, you succumb to cravings and immediate pleasure.

When you start to envision the future Self you love, you boost your oxytocin levels. You start to act from the love of the person you become in the present. And each burst of “Love Hormone” for Self quietens your uncontrollable appetite and cravings. 

With the love of your future Self in mind, you navigate from indulgence to authority.

Oxytocin boost 101

Social bonding and sexual activity are the most pleasant and rewarding ways to get an oxytocin boost.

  • Reach for cuddles, hugs, or massages more often.
  • Share your meals to get a deep sense of conviviality.
  • Connect with your girlfriends often.

Pile your plate with plant foods.

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits are the primary sources of vitamin C, which is essential for your body to make oxytocin. Think capsicums, broccoli, or kale, oranges, lemons, or kiwifruit.
  • Plant fibres nourish your gut microbiome to support oxytocin production.
  • Go for greens first. Their magnesium content modulates oxytocin receptors, so you feel connected and calm.

Take out your yoga mat

  • Moderate exercise you enjoy naturally increases your oxytocin levels while you learn to manage stress.
  • Yoga and meditation promote the feeling of connection and love.
  • Breathing techniques further enhance those feelings by stimulating the vagus nerve, a key player in oxytocin production.

Choose one or all and feel more relaxed, energised and better connected to yourself and your future Self.

If the sole idea of becoming your future Self makes you feel like:

  • You are not having enough energy
  • You don’t know what to do
  • You need to get your mojo back first
  • You are overwhelmed after unsuccessful attempts

You are not alone. The “Hormonal Reset” explores your entire hormonal hierarchy in as step-by-step process. Over six weeks, you get into the nitty gritty of your best energy and waistline in an approachable and individualised manner. You navigate the roller coaster with ease and support. You end up loving your Self and got the maximum energy to spread love and be loved.

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