Learn to love healthy food


Did you notice that takeaways, processed foods, and sugary food are not supportive for your brain health?

These foods contribute to impaired memory and learning and increase the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The associated inflammation of the hippocampus is suspected to alter memory as well as the responsiveness to hunger.

You are not born with the intrinsic love for processed and sugary foods. However, it’s often difficult to resist the temptation. That’s because your brain processes information through mental conditioning and reward:

  • Conditioning happens over time in response to eating, repeatedly, the same foods.
  • A high sugar diet stimulates your reward system too much and too frequently, “hijacking” your brain rewarding pathway.

The question is: can your brain be re-trained to love healthy food?

A study published in 2014 shows that, after six months following a supervised healthy diet, volunteers shifted their preferences from unhealthy to healthy eating as shown in the area of their brain reward center associated with learning and addiction.

It is never too late to train your brain to love nourishing foods. You can start right now:

  • Read blogs and articles like this one
  • Know the worst enemy of your brain is sugar
  • Rediscover the taste of food and pleasure of eating

How are you committed to nourish and fuel your brain and body for more energy and better mental acuity? Are you ready to say goodbye to brain fog for good?

Start to re-train your brain now :

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