THE FASTING LIFESTYLE SHOW – The Journey vs The Destination – Episode#1

(1) The Journey Versus The Destination

Think about a goal you have –  having more energy, getting rid of your bloated belly, toning your body to feel light and confident. Whatever your personal goal,  are you spending more time with your eyes riveted on the finish line or on the milestones you have already completed?

Whether you place your attention on the process or the result, your drive to continue your efforts over time is more or less nourished, and so are your chances of success. There are many benefits to focusing on the process. That’s our discussion for this first episode of the Fasting Lifestyle Show.

In this episode, you will find out

  • How and why focussing on the destination is an obstacle you can easily overcome
  • The multiple benefits of being enthusiastically engaged in the process
  • A sure way to embody your health and wellness goal    

Episode #1 – Comments

The Vitality-After-40 System allows you to engage in the process with enthusiasm day after day. It gets the overwhelm out, encourage you to celebrate the milestones you have completed and keep you engaged on the journey towards your goal.

Thanks to Clotilde Dusoulier, Certified Master Coach, for inspiring this podcast. The message I share with you is a message I send to myself too.

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