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“Lent, Ramadan and other fasting periods have benefits for body and mind”1 This is ABC News headline this week.

While every single tradition has its own way of giving a break to the digestive system for good health and healthy mind, therapeutic fasting is implemented with great success for prevention and management of many degenerative and inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatic diseases, hypertension, mental health and more recently as an adjuvant in cancer treatment.

Research is now showing the physiological effects of fasting on the body and the brain through the reset of the digestive system, hormetic stress response2, production of ketone bodies3, to name a few.

A five days fast (also called Fast Mimicking Diet by Valter Longo) has been shown to have tremendous beneficial effects for longevity and management of multiple chronic diseases.

But what would be the tangible benefits of fasting FOR YOU, right now?


Vitality is my key motivation to practice fasting. How does that resonate with you? Just by reading out lout these words, I feel my energy rising and my mood lifting.

But these dedicated few days to fasting also bring some clarity of mind, improved digestion and a better relationship to food. And this last over the following six months! With fasting twice a year you surf the wave of better energy and clarity and build up from your previous fasting experiences.

The last three weeks, I had many opportunities to talk with my clients, like Julie, about their lost vitality. Julie performs quite OK in her everyday life, she gets things done. But she senses that she is not bouncing into life like she used to be. She starts to get aches and pain, notices her weight increases slowly and feels sluggish more often. Could that be you?

Fasting is a way to get off this slippery slope. But do you feel reluctant to enter fasting as many of the persons I’ve recently talked to? Do you notice your inner voice saying “yes, I’d love to feel like that, this tool looks great but…”. And often, the BIG thing is : “what if I can’t do it because…”

So let’s me share with you 5 KEY PRINCIPLES to set yourself for success that I came up with over the past years working with people on their eating habits. These fundamentals raised from one question: “What makes some people succeed long term with their dietary changes while others struggle?”. This is a great tool for you to settle into your success mindset.

The 21 day Vitality Fasting™ program has been designed on these 5 principles: Desire, Body, Mind, Support along with Openness to new Food.

Yours in health and wellness.


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