Healthy Stress Free Christmas Menu

Oysters - pexels-photo-38986

Oysters with infused lemon on sourdough full rye toasts*

Preparation time: None

Food experience: Dive into the taste of the ocean counterbalanced with the sweetness of the rye (for gluten free option use buckwheat crackers or blinis)

Nutritional balance: Get plenty of zinc, iodine and vitamin B’s for healthy mood and metabolic balance.

Asparagus Summer Salad from Teresa Cutter

Preparation time: Only few minutes

Food experience: Enjoy blending the salty feta with earthy flavor of asparagus and hit it up with lemon juice and great quality olive oil.

Nutritional balance: Get inulin, a prebiotic, feed your healthy gut microbes and plenty of vitamin K for healthy bones.

Raspberry & green tea bites

Preparation time: 15 minutes.

Food experience: Let it melt on your tongue, and enjoy the delicate balance of raspberry with the tangy bite of lime.

Nutritional balance: Benefit from the polyphenols in green tea for,digestive health and immune support, the antioxidant in the raspberry and the metabolic action of lauric acid in coconut butter.

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