From Frantic to Cruisy
Surf the holiday season healthily

From Frantic to Cruisy

Life is crazy busy. Deadlines at work, getting everything perfect for Christmas, attending multiple end-of-the-year parties, managing school holidays and going to the gym. The frenzy can easily take over and become daunting.

Life is intermittent by nature. This is a vitally important fact to acknowledge. Busyness is not a state, it is a feeling. And with this feeling comes overwhelm and fatigue.

There is nothing more disappointing than spending your first week holidays exhausted, lying on the couch because you’ve pushed things too hard and you need to catch up on energy and sleep.

Let’s review some very useful tools to press pause, embrace the busyness and acknowledge where we drift towards fatigue and weight gain.

1- Don’t delay your self-care plan

As you don’t celebrate with a Christmas smoothie or a Birthday salad, it is time to acknowledge that celebration is marked by feasting.

However, overindulgence and party food make you feel sluggish and tired. Once you know that, you don’t delay your best nutrition plan.

You invite fasting and balance before the festive event and you bring back your Emergency Meal Plan for when things are hectic.

I you don’t have the Emergency Meal Plan yet, download it here. It is your best companion when you are busy.  

2- Stay hydrated

Your body is made of 75% of water. Water is the fluid, the lubricant, and the transporter that makes your body perform and your brain perform at their best.

From a single glass of filtered water you get mental clarity, you are less hungry and you feel grounded to achieve what you want.

Start your day with a glass of filtered water with a squeeze of lemon juice.

3- Trust the process

Feasting does not mean overindulgence at any cost. You cannot control what goes on outside but you can always control what goes on inside.

Get prepared to focus on your wellness, on your energy, and on feeling good in your body. When presented with the chocolate mud cake at work at 10 am, tune in and honour what comes up. Developing your sense of interoception – connecting with the sensations in your body – is one of the pillar of Vitality-After-40.

Ascertain what is inside to get your power back and work with it. If you do, there is no way you will overdo feasting foods. 

Don’t delay those things until after the festive event. Your energetic Self will thank you.

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