Your passport for calm waters

The journey through a woman’s life is a series of chapters with their unique challenges and triumphs. From 45 onwards, the menopausal chapter opens. The story will last for the next ten years.

Menopause can be a daunting prospect but once you contemplate it as a natural transition and support it with key hormonal health foundations, you can transform this chapter of your life into a graceful and joyful adventure.

The Storm Before the Calm Waters
Did you know that menopause acts as a magnifier of your past dis-ease? Rather than waiting for the storm, you can start thinking about this transition long before its onset and make it manageable and enjoyable. With a proactive mindset, you get empowered to navigate the hormonal roller coaster with resilience and calm.

Riding the Hormonal Roller Coaster
The first step in embracing menopause is to choose to ride the hormonal roller coaster rather than resist it. Resistance and frustration often lead to increased discomfort and stress. Understanding the changes occurring in your body and addressing them will proactively pave the way for a smoother journey.

Addressing Key Hormonal Health Foundations

1. Whole foods is the cornerstone of hormonal health.
One of my favourite hormonal heroes looks like a Japanese-style cabbage salad with a piece of grilled salmon. The magnesium: calcium ratio combined with lots of fibre and omega-3 fatty acids is the secret hormonal language of this meal. This complete, delightful meal contributes to alleviating your menopausal symptoms and sets your hormonal nutritional foundations for success.

2. Physical activity is your ally
Menopause is not about burning calories. Your ability to hang onto muscle drops as your hormones change. so it’s time to build and maintain muscle mass. Maintaining muscle mass enhances your body’s sensitivity to insulin and builds up on the number of energy-producing organelles, your mitochondria. Adapting the type, intensity and frequency of your exercise routine to this chapter of your life is a sure way to increase your energy.  A walk with your best friend at lunchtime or a yoga session after a busy day at work are wonderful ways to build muscle while you manage your stress.

3. Conviviality – How you eat is equally important as what you eat.
When shared, a meal unlocks its full potential. Conviviality and a supportive community enhance hormonal balance. A strong support network through support groups or online communities is invaluable during this chapter of your life. 

By shifting your perspective on menopause and actively addressing key hormonal health foundations, you can transform your experience from a challenging storm into a joyous ride. Don’t let the storm overwhelm you. Get your passport for a graceful and joyful menopause. 

This blog is meant to educate and should not be used as a substitute for personal medical or psychological advice. The reader should consult his or her physician or clinician for specific information concerning specific medical conditions. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the information presented is accurate, however, new findings may supersede some information presented. As every single individual circumstances will be different, no individual results should be seen as typical.