THE FASTING LIFESTYLE SHOW – A Space to Find Peace with Food – Episode#3

Creating the space to be at peace with your food is the foundation to regain body confidence and energy after 40.

In this episode of the Fasting Lifestyle Show, we are talking about the four pillars of vibrant health and energy. And we explore the commonality of these four pillars to find peace with your eating habits, and become clear and confident about the food you are choosing for yourself.

In this episode, you will find out that food itself is not the answer to food choices.

You will learn that:

  • Eating goes beyond satisfying hunger and feeding your body
  • Your food choices are related to the way you approach mindfulness and movement
  • The importance to review self-care to become at peace with your food choices

Episode #3 – Comments

The Vitality-After-40 System goes through the foundations of Food, Fast, Mindfulness and Movement, so you bring peace in your food choices and regain confidence in your body to feel energized and light again after 40.

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