Feel Comfortable with French fries


Can you become comfortable with eating French fries?

As a Wellness Facilitator and a Wholefood Enthusiast, I believe it’s possible. Let me share a recent experience to illustrate how you can become the hero of your health while choosing occasional not-so-healthy foods.

Few days after my five days fasting, I was feeling energized and light when I suddenly craved for a croissant. A croissant! Full of wheat that I avoid, unhealthy fat and purely refined carb that will peak my insulin! A croissant also deeply associated with childhood souvenirs with family and friends.

  • My analytical brain kicked in immediately and went like  = “resist the croissant, face the frustration and manage the hunger for unmet connection and comfort”.
  • My emotional brain voice went =  “go for the croissant, sit down, eat it slowly and mindfully, and be grateful and content”.

That morning, I consciously opted in for the croissant. After two bites, I had enough, was satisfied and I resumed my morning, writing this article. Tomorrow I may opt-in for resisting the croissant and making peace with the deep cause of my craving.

Diet is not the mere perfect combination of nutrients. Confusion about the best food for YOU often comes from too much information or analysis. Confusion is driven by what is normal AROUND you, not FOR you.

A nutrient-rich and processed food poor diet is the foundation to assess your “NORMAL”. That doesn’t mean your normal is always synonym of healthy all the time or strict official nutrition guidelines. YOUR normal is your sane relationship to your food and eating patterns.

Things get tricky if you have been relying on external cues for a long time or if you have been dieting extensively in the past. That is when you develop fear, guilt, shame, and anxiety around food and eating. These feelings impact your perception of food and eating and you start eating as you should, not as you feel.

What would happen in YOUR world if you rely on your intuition as much as your knowledge when choosing food? What would be your life if you based your eating patterns on your feelings, desires, cravings, and needs as opposed to external rules?

If you FEEL LOST in the basic of healthy nutrition, that’s when help comes handy. Dietary protocols and guidance will bring you back on track to:

– Identify the food and habits that are likely causing you to sidetrack from supportive choices

– Retrain your brain to tune in to your needs and desires,

– Bring in balanced nutrients for nourishing brain and body and inducing mental clarity.