Fasting Piece in a Feasting Trend

Over the past ten years, I have been talking about food, nutrient, and nourishment to support women over forty. Together we have achieved substantial steps. They have regained body confidence, improved their digestive issue and feel calm and serene again. And I found, with all of them, that one specific step propelled them from feeling well to feeling exceptionally well. And that was the fasting part of their feasting life.

And this step was the missing piece in the puzzle. Something I haven’t heard during my academic nutrition training.

I discovered fasting incidentally five years ago. I was plateauing with my energy and digestive issue. And I instinctively knew I hadn’t reached my 100% vitality capacity. Like when I free dive and I feel the presence of the left oxygen that will propel me beyond what my brain thought was possible.

At the time, I did receive an offer from a trusted French naturopath. The offer was a supported and extended fast based on a traditional European method. I jumped in and never looked back.

This experience taught me:

  • The therapeutic value of complete digestive rest

You spend up to 20% of the energy your body produces for digestion. Fasting long enough allows your digestive system to be at rest and to divert this energy for repairing and rejuvenating. Hence the science focuses on fasting for healthy longevity.

  • The potential of fasting for hormonal balance

As life goes on, you accumulate hormonal imbalances over time that may become intolerable when perimenopause kicks in. Regular fasting improves your metabolic flexibility and energy efficiency. And with it, it supports you during the hormonal roller coaster happening after 40.

  • The exceeding mental clarity you get, beyond what’s possible when you eat

The principal fuel source of your brain in daily life is sugar. However, your brain thrives on ketone. Your body starts to produce those ketone bodies once you fast long enough. Only then do you get an experience of mental clarity you thought you had lost forever.

Beyond those physiological benefits of fasting, I have also learnt that fasting goes hand in hand with being supported and feeling accountable, and fasting requires preparation. I have also experienced the spiritual dimension of living without food for a while.

Since then, I keep reading research papers to ensure fasting is beneficial for the body and mind. As a food lover and an ambassador of health and wellness, I continue to share the benefits of Food, Fast, Mindfulness & Vitality, the four pillars of my Fasting Lifestyle.

If you are lost in the basics of healthy nutrition, that’s when help comes in handy. I can support you identify the food and habits that are likely causing your current dis-ease, I can help you retrain your brain to tune into your core needs and desires, and I can teach you how to balance nutrients and nourishment for your mind and body. Then, you can open the door to your vibrant future.

This blog is meant to educate and should not be used as a substitute for personal medical or psychological advice. The reader should consult his or her physician or clinician for specific information concerning specific medical conditions. All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the information presented is accurate, however, new findings may supersede some information presented. As every single individual circumstances will be different, no individual results should be seen as typical.