Fasting Fitness Story

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When you go to the gym for the first time after years of sedentary life, you sweat, you suffer, and you are sore. Then you recover and go back again because you know only regular sessions will raise the benefits you expect. Three months later, you realize pleasure overcomes the effort. You feel good, you are happy to go training, and you start to imagine you couldn’t live well without going.

Now, let’s rewind this scenario with fasting in mind.

When you do start fasting after constant eating, you are uncomfortable, in pain and certainly daunted, like when you start exercising. Then, fasting gets easier and even enjoyable with regular practice.

Now the parallel between exercise and fasting does not stop there.

1- You need to know your “fasting fitness” level to get into a suitable routine and scale up when it becomes easier.

2- When you do start under the guidance of a specialist, you make things safer and easier for your longevity into the fasting practice.

3- You slowly increase your flexibility, your metabolic flexibility, lost with frequent eating. Your body becomes more energy efficient, you start to feel more energetic, and you are more inclined to practice again.

4- You promote muscle building and slow down the aging process. Fasting is a great stimulus to Human Growth Hormone secretion, crucial for the maintenance of lean mass and body density.

5- One size does not fit all.

Are you ready to start your Fasting Fitness journey?

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