Brekkie Box Ideas

Anti boring breakfast - Savoury Veggie NoHurry

Breakfast does not have to be boring. This is your best asset for keeping your energy up and your focus sharp! For your breakfast think Savoury – Veggie – No Hurry!

  • Savoury muffins, baked over a quiet week-end
  • Broccoli bread and avocado spread
  • Frittata, packed with vegetables, left over from the night before
  • Curry eggs and rocket
  • Sweet potato rosti with black olives & sheep feta (if you can tolerate dairy well)
  • Spelt wrap with left over chicken, coriander, tomato and sauerkraut
  • Try some soups
  • Fritters that you have prepared in advance and may have frozen some
  • Legumes-based bowl
  • Kefir smoothie
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