How to follow on your intentions

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be”  – Lao Tzu

Reflecting on our habits, eating patterns, daily routines and finding out what has to come to an end is a great practice to appreciate and celebrate all we got, the lessons learnt and the obstacles met. And let it all go to free energy and attention for that is to come. So we are fully present here and now, without being stuck in the past.

Find below five tips to re-invent yourself as you follow on your intentions.

1- Loosen your control to feel in control

The much of everyday actions and thoughts are characterized by repetition. These hundreds of unconscious routines are what make you go through the day. However, some of them need to go in order to feel light and free.

As you wake up, you may reach for your phone straight away or start your day with a bowl of muesli. Try to acknowledge your environment first and get a glass of water on rising. It can be disorienting and tedious at first. But getting over your resistance will build new neural pathways and create a momentum to stay open for renewal.

2- Shift your perspective

Riding a bicycle requires to look far ahead. If you focus on the obstacle to come, you will hit it.

If your lack of energy, stress levels or weight gain are a concern, loosen your attention and start to focus on the positive. Come back to your sensations and look for what makes you feel lighter and the positive in your diet. By letting go, things will naturally start to shift.

3- Experiment with new tastes

Did you know that your taste buds are renewing and evolving over time? You can educate your sense of taste. The green smoothie you despise today will become something you are looking for overtime.

Every week, choose food you haven’t eaten for a while or you have never tasted. Don’t look for exotic choices. It can be as simple as a different variety of tomato on a market stall. You never know what will become your favourite food.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

4- Get a good laugh to let go.

Have you ever realised you have been too serious or judgmental about your food choices? We have around 70,000 thoughts per day, 98% are repeated from yesterday and 80% are negative thoughts.

Start to be more playful with your daily routine. With less stress, more joy you open up to considering new choices and new possibilities than the one from yesterday.

5- Let go of what clogs you

When you stuff on bread, you start to feel sluggish and foggy. When you indulge on a heavy, late dinner you are not feeling refreshed in the morning. Instead of jumping in dieting or drastic moves, start to focus on small things you could shift to lighten what cloud and clog your body and your mind.

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