You Can Baby Step Towards Your Dream

I’m back on the horse of chasing my dream. I found a mentor and feel empowered to work with her and share more with the world.

It makes me reflect on why I became a nutritionist. Ten years back I filled my rational brain with biochemistry, pathophysiology, and the like. And if I love rational challenges, my emotional and intuitive brain often takes over my scientific thoughts. So why is it that I became a nutritionist?

As long as I remember and as much as my mother remembers before that, I’ve never been at peace with food. As a baby, eating was a synonym for pain. Then food became a bargain to attract attention and love and I finally ended up using food to hide and buffer later on. All while looking for bathrooms and avoiding social situation because of undiagnosed IBS.  Now I am on the other side. I feel energised, pain-free and I know how to nourish my body and mind for the best.

Do you feel like the relationship you have with food is directly correlated to the way you navigate through life, work and love? 

The why, how, what and when we eat.

I became a nutritionist because I deeply believe food is a potent tool for living authentically and ethically with yourself, others and in the world. Learning to distance, observe and find what dietary habits suit you best is an empowering transformation that permeates your entire life.

As soon as you start, you kick your energy up and become more and more motivated to get through the transformation you are longing for. As aches, brain fog, excess weight go away, you start to reflect on mindset, emotions and what bring you results. You start to find your authentic self and learn to nurture her.

Over the course of my life trip, there were ups, downs, abysses, and mountains. And yet, I’ve been gently pulled in helping women that are ready to chase their dream Self.

Contrary to common belief, beginning towards this dream does not have to involve dramatic deprivations, upsetting your entire life, moving away from things you love, attending costly seminars or working constantly on it.

Beginning to chase your dreamed Self starts with awareness and small steps. This is how it has been for me in surfing food, fast and mindfulness. This is how I lead the way towards women’s dreams: by empowering them to trust their capacity to deeply care for themselves, let go of common recipe and age peacefully and gracefully.

So what I want to tell you is to start following your dreams. Beginning to chase your dream Self can start with making peace with your food, your choices and yourself.

This is how it has been for me so I now feel more content, more grateful and more at ease in my body at 50 than I was at 30. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at my 10-Day Real Food Resolution.

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