Are you living at high speed in low gear?
Get your mojo back!

Are you living on high speed on low gear?

You push through all day and end up exhausted at night. After all, fatigue is normal when being busy. Is it?

Over the next three minutes, discover three critical steps for sustainable energy through busyness.

In every cell of yours lies a magic machinery: your mitochondria. Day in and day out, these organelles generate and deliver the fuel you need to keep going and cruise along. And they have their agenda. Metabolic flexibility is when you respect your mitochondria agenda.

When you overeat food, grab sugar during the day or don’t move enough, you create a traffic jam in your mitochondria. Your energy production slows down. You end up tired. You eat more and reach for sugar to keep going. And you lie on the couch with no energy left in the tank to attend your yoga class.

Compose energy-friendly meals

Your brain craves sugar for a quick fix when you are exhausted. Temptation is hard to resist. But it does not go well with sustainable energy. As you reach for sugar, your energy roller coasters, and you want more sugar.  

A clear sign of metabolic inflexibility is when you rely on a café latte with sugar midmorning and a chocolate bar mid-afternoon. But don’t blame your snacks. Check the composition of your main meals; what’s your breakfast made of? Do you dine on pasta or lentils?

Plan some protein-rich meals with healthy fat to keep the traffic going in your mitochondria. Not sure what it means? It can look like a Supercharged Salmon Salad,

Pace your meals for happy mitochondria

Your vitality relies on when you eat as much as what you eat. Feasting and fasting are how we evolve.

Think about it this way. You store food in your kitchen in a sequential manner. Food in the fridge is readily available, and frozen food is available once the refrigerator is empty. In the same way, efficient energy management happens when your mitochondria get the opportunity to process readily available sugar and more deeply stored fat.

When you snack all day long, your mitochondria keep using the readily available sugar and lose their capacity to access stored fat. You start to need food more often. When you don’t, you feel tired and depleted.

To stay metabolically flexible and enjoy sustainable energy, skip the snacks and open your overnight fasting window while you’ve got balanced main meals

Move when you feel tired.

It is completely counterintuitive and yet very powerful. Your body’s energy increases as you move and slows down when you are inactive.

Have you ever noticed how tired you are after a day of sitting at your desk and how quickly your energy picks up when you stand and start to dance? Try it now.

Staying in bed or lying on the couch makes you feel more fatigued. The key is to adapt your physical activity to your energy level.

There is no fatality in fatigue. I mean it. You can walk one step at a time towards your energised self.

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