Anti-Boring Breakfast

Sometimes a break in your routine is everything you need

It’s easy to get stuck in a morning breakfast routine. Most of my clients when they first come to me have been implementing the same breakfast for years. And I did too. For some, it gives a sense of reassurance or it quenches some morning cravings, for others, it is to “save time”, or “don’t think about it”.

Behind this repeated breakfast, there is no sense of season or natural rhythm. No sense of tuning in. No sense of nourishing the body to content the mind.

Often this recurrent breakfast is based on cereals/grains, aka simple carbohydrates. And this is not the best start. As I’ve mentioned before, one of the three non-negotiables for a vibrant life is balanced blood sugar levels. Cereal breakfast is conducive of reactive hypoglycaemia. Right from the morning, you set up your glucose roller coaster ride for the day ahead.

Let me share with you a few simple ideas to get a nutritious and delicious start of the day. All you need to do is to experiment one or two mornings in your week.

Your breakfast can be an opportunity to turn your energy up

This is an opportunity to:

  • Increase the number of vegetables you got in a day;
  • Steady your blood sugar levels right from the beginning;
  • Have quality protein to keep you through lunch without slumps, cravings or sudden fatigued;
  • Implement some quality fat so your focus and concentration are at their best.

Your Vitality Brekkie

Think savoury
Traditional breakfasts are all based on savoury food for manual workers to stay energised through the morning. Even the traditional café/croissant in France is a relatively recent city-dweller habit. To keep your energy up and your mind sharp, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Start with veggies
A 2019 scientific review demonstrates that 600 to 800 g of vegetables per day prevent most of the modern chronic disease! That’s the equivalent of the recommended 5 servings per day (Tryfor5). Sadly, the average person in Australia eats only half as much as that. Your breakfast is a great opportunity to top up your vegetable intake for the day.

Don’t hurry
Not hungry in the morning? I hear you. Ghrelin does not naturally pick up until 2 hours after you wake-up. So if you rush through the door every morning, there is no point to force food down in a hurry. That’s where PLANNING is key. Prepare your breakfast right from the previous week-end, pack it the night before, invest in a lunch box (which becomes brekkie box) and find a time in your morning to eat quietly when your body is ready.

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