A tribute to remarkable women on their wellness journey

A decade of client success stories

Remarkable Women

As incredible as it can be in that bustling, constantly changing world, there is a solid thread in my journey as a solo practitioner: loyal, dedicated clients – a decade’s worth of stories to be told.

Ten years of practice as a Wellness Facilitator are an opportunity to revisit the memories and milestones shared with them. From the worn-out mum overwhelmed by the pressure of life to those battling chronic disease, they all left an indelible mark on my heart. I have witnessed transformation, relief, life-changing events, courage, and pain alleviation. Every remarkable change emerged from the shared empathy, respect and collaboration permeating each session.

Consider the story of Sarah, suddenly submerged in the diagnosis of a threatening condition. Through the gentle touch of massage and the holistic approach of nutrition, breathe and yoga, she found the resources to reconnect with her deep healing Self and emerge on the other side disease-free, more energised, and deeply connected to her body, mind and spirit.

Or the journey of Jamie – the first to book in with the novice I was – overwhelmed by back pain, feeling hopeless and caught in the catch-22 of long hours on a computer. Through regular sessions, she learnt to heal her body from inside out and developed her sense of interoception to assess and address her deep needs.

Then there are Veronika, Sue, and Deborah, determined to escape menopausal symptoms, live intensely in their midlife and achieve their deepest longing. Their dedication to following and trusting the process we share is remarkable, and the transformation is phenomenal.

From all these stories of healing and transformation, I am honoured by their trust. They taught me that in vulnerability, there is courage, and in struggles, there is resilience. They offered me the opportunity to witness the healing and loving potential we all have inside us as we shared health, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Here’s to another decade of healing, growth, and connection. I am deeply grateful our paths crossed, and look forward to building more stories, souvenirs, and successes.

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