Road map to stay on track

Give a rest to your willpower

Clocks are not human invention, there are an integral part of all form of life on earth. Circadian rhythms are governed by your hypothalamus in the brain but are also present in your digestive and endocrine organs such as your liver or your adrenal glands.

Modern lifestyle heavily disturbs this sensible natural rhythmic activity mainly with jet lags, exposure to prolonged hours of artificial light and… erratic eating patterns. Disrupting your natural body rhythmic activity leaves your body and your mind disturbed,de-synchronized and create dissonance with your true needs.

Disturbed circadian rhythms create issues with the way you process foods and many other metabolic functions, it alters your digestion, affects your sleep, and prevent you to manage your weight.

When you come back close to your natural rhythms, you feel more balanced, in harmony and congruent with what your body requires for optimum health and wellness.

Small steps can lead to incredible shifts toward success. To stay in sync with your natural rhythms the key is to create new habits in your shopping, food preparation & eating patterns, to review your current routine with food.

Yours in health and wellness,