Recently, I have met many clients, friends or family members putting on hold  their supportive dietary routine and lifestyle during the festive season with the intent of coming back to their Cooking and Eating Habits and Physical Activity in January after the frenetic period of pre-Christmas parties and Christmas extra heavy meals.

These comments make me reflect on what makes us motivated and committed on the long run.  I’ve wondered for a long time how sticking to optimal Health & Wellness Resolutions sometimes flow and some other times is a battle which lead me (and most of us) to give up. On my journey as a Wellness Consultant and Yoga student,  I have learnt that relying on your sole Willpower is not a durable solution, when engaging in long term healthy habits.

Motivation comes with Reward. Motivation is a consequence of your brain chemical function and its close relationship with your gut. Motivation doesn’t rely on your sole mindset but also on your full energy. Stress is the enemy of motivation. And the end of the year is a stressful period. Many obstacles can get in the way of your good resolutions by lowering your motivation.

It is your neurotransmitter dopamine send the “Feel Good” signal to your brain so you stay motivated. Dopamine allows you to feel pleasure. Similar to every body function, this neurotransmitter release is fuelled by your food, supported by the quality of your environment and re-enforced by your mindset. Dopamine release is also based on repetitive behaviour and 50% is produced in your gut.

When you are deficient in dopamine, your feel  flat, mentally exhausted and… un-motivated. What you feed your body you also feed your mind. Through your daily food choices and repetition of new eating habits, your motivation can improve. And in turn, healthy dopamine function will help you stick to your healthy eating habits.

When struggling with you sole willpower, check out you are feeding your brain properly(with food, thoughts and movements)for healthy dopamine release. Stay in tune, more tips coming soon!

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Yours in Health & Wellness,  Valerie