4 Tips for Oral Local Detox


If your breath is constantly foul or your tongue coated when you wake up, here are my preferred four tips to improve locally this uncomfortable state.

–    Stay hydrated. Drink some water before bed and as soon as you wake up. Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice in your first-morning drink.

– Gently brush or scrape your tongue.

– Check the label of your mouthwash – your breath is instantly fresher but it dries your mouth over time and as you know now, dry mouth promotes the growth of smelly bacteria. Choose a mouthwash without alcohol or don’t use mouthwash at all.

– Experience the traditional Gandusha or oil pulling, a traditional Ayurvedic lifestyle practice. Swishing some vegetable oil in the mouth cleans the oral cavity from accumulated toxins.

If you feel it’s not improving over time, it may well be time to restore your inner health holistically.