No Time – Make Time

You should sit in meditation 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy then you should sit for an hour – Old Zen Saying

LIVE YOUR TIME DIFFERENTLY to succeed in clean eating, health, wellness, and vitality.

Successful changes, including dietary changes, happen when you TAKE THE TIME to feel, let go, be in the present moment, tune in, move, eat (or not eat), and enjoy.

This blog is about TIME MANAGEMENT & TIME PERCEPTION, essentials in food perception and mindful eating.


Resting during the day is the most effective action you can take to replenish your energy.

Ancient medicine has described the balance & constant fluctuation between Yin and Yang energies as the core characteristic of life, health & wellness. As your existence is built around a storm of continual actions and thoughts, you overstimulate your adrenal glands and deplete your overall energy.

The key to getting back into harmony is calm & stillness and the best time is NAP TIME. Between 11 am & 1 pm, is called “baby yin time,” the time to take the time to wind down. Unfortunately, this is probably the time when you rush out and push through.


Connect to your breath often. Deep slow breaths optimize your cellular oxygenation, massage your digestive organs gently, and boost your detoxification.

Focus on your exhalation, and you suddenly activate your parasympathetic system, the resting, restoring, repairing branch of your autonomic nervous system. Your digestion improves, and your cravings decrease.


Reconnect with yourself and listen to your body.

Take the time to get on your yoga mat (or practice any other physical activity you love) or meditate. Make this activity yours, stay in coherence with your breath, be aware of the sensations.

After your practice, TAKE THE TIME to smile to yourself: a resourceful moment of your existence to build up coherence and endurance. With managing your stress optimally your physical hunger sensation decrease, your reach less for food for an emotional reason and you feel settled and centered during meal time.


When you eat mindfully, you TAKE THE TIME to decide about the time you eat, to prepare your food, to lay the table, and to eat.

Give yourself the time to put your fork down between each bite, to chew, and to savor your food (its smell, its look, its taste). That is the time you need to send the signal to your brain that you are full and content. When you rush, you miss your satiety feeling.

The food you choose also makes the world you are living in. TAKE THE TIME to enjoy tasty organic seasonal & local products.


You are good at planning your working tasks but often don’t apply your planning skills for your own health and wellness. And yet, planning & preparation are key to free some time.

Check the PLAN, PREP & PRAC method and start to organize what you need for the entire week : menu planning, shopping list, agenda, delegation to other members of the family… All actions that will make some free time for you at the end. Your body and your mind will thank you for that.

If you struggle to implement the Plan, Prep & Prac by yourself, the 7 day clear & cleanse program is all done for you.