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Many of us, when we think about massage, relate it to sore muscles or a chance to unwind. Through regular massage sessions, your also re-train the perception of your body tensions and stimulate your body’s own natural healing ability. You re-establish a connection with yourself.  

Your body is your subconscious mind and you can’t heal it by talk alone.”
Dr Candace Pert – Neuroscientist

Conscious Self-Care™ for Neck & Shoulders – 6 Week Program

Be Well Vitality Wellness and Health in Brisbane West End - Nutrition and Lifestyle

This program is for you if you feel trapped in the circle of pain, stress and postural issues.

Your neck and shoulder freedom has a major impact on your quality of life. Neck and shoulder tension, aches and pain affect your sleep, your concentration and your motivation, and is one of the main cause of tension headaches.

This program focusses on upper body freedom and Conscious Self-Care™.

The goals of the program in 3 steps:

       Relieve muscle tension
       Adapt your posture
       Improve your flexibility and your body response to stress

What’s included in the program

       Weekly massage session – 45 min focus on your neck, shoulders and respiratory muscles.
       Postural assessment – Learn tips and tricks to improve your posture
       Guided breathing exercise – Deepen the effectiveness of your massage and enhance your relaxation.


BE Well – Be Touch

If you suffer from aches, pain, headaches or experience high levels of stress, this option is for you.

During your first visit, you will receive an individualized plan with the frequency and number of sessions recommended. You will stay informed of your progress and any amendment according to your personal improvement.

Your personal goal will be discussed prior to each session and depending on your needs, will focus on:

Be Tension Free – Alleviate aches & pain, and improve your range of movement.

Be Relax – Increase your sense of well-being, and manage your stress.

Be Healthy – Support your digestion and enhance your immune function through physical and mental stress management.

Be in control – Bring your awareness back to your body, so you can re-establish a connection with yourself and start the process of conscious self-care™.

Be Touch – Experience the sense of touch and being cared and nurtured.

Be Well Vitality Wellness and Health in Brisbane West End - Nutrition and Lifestyle

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