Hormonal Reset


The Hormonal Reset is an ideal program to lose weight , recover your energy, and love your body after 40.

Life is filled with parties, foods, and other indulgences. Extra sugar, extra stress, extra pounds is the lot of most of us. These “extras”, however, get uncontrollable when hormonal changes kick in.  

All of the symptoms you were previously coping with, become suddenly unmanageable. Until you wake up one morning wondering how the belly fat and the fatigue have been silently creeping up so far.

The purpose of the Hormonal Reset program is to bring back a sense of calm, mindfulness and control into your life.

Over 6 weeks, with the support of like-minded women, you will be guided through a step-by-step to release the weight, the stress and the bloating in a methodical and efficient way.

As you pace yourself with the program and make it yours in your daily life, you will reconnect to your body and experience the return of optimal energy.

The Hormonal Reset is a program created by Valerie Perret, Wellness Facilitator & Nutrition Coach, and founder of BE Well Vitality.

Feel supported and listened to

“That was what I was looking for. It’s working. The Hormonal Reset program makes sense. It has given me control over what I am doing and the understanding of moving on with life. Doing it as a group was good because I never felt alone”

Ruth, Executive Manager


  1. Take control of your food, lifestyle and mindset, by understanding how to navigate your hormonal changes

  2. Learn to balance your hormones to manage your weight and lift your energy

  3. Conquer your cravings and frustrations

  4. Experience a leaner body, and a clearer mind

“I have completed the program and feeling so much better all round. It was not difficult with the support of Val and others in the group! If you’re feeling sluggish and can’t shift those stubborn kilos, I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Thanks Val

Sue, Market researcher


This program is for you, if you are ready

  1. To kickstart hormonal balance

  2. To gain confidence and set up the best diet and lifestyle at each stage of your life

  3. To give your health a boost using a method you have never implemented

  4. To feel energised, lighter and in control.

It’s not for you if…

  1. You are not ready to commit time and focus on your health and lifestyle

  2. You are suffering from chronic conditions that need to be addressed before you make some dietary and lifestyle adaptions (please refer to your practitioner prior to enrolling)

  3. You are not in charge of your food preparation

  4. If your food and lifestyle choices could interfere with any medication you have been prescribed (check with your medical practitioner)

Back in control of your life

The Hormonal Reset program was a great way to reset the way I think about my diet and  myself. It was what I needed right now.
It’s nice to wake up with my energy levels back. I feel more productive and I have lost weight.
With the breaking down of the program I had the time and  clarity I needed to implement each step.

Dianne, CEO

What’s included in the Hormonal Reset program?

The program contains lots of information, recipes and valuable tools that will support your hormonal balance long term. Here is a summary of exactly what is included:

  1. 3 one-on-one nutrition coaching sessions, 20 minutes per session – Designed to identify your personal goals and assess your progress 

  2. 6 weekly group sessions, 30-45 minutes per session – Ask questions, share your wins, your doubts and feel supported by a group of like-minded women

  3. The Hormonal Reset Interactive Guide – Stay in sync with the step-by-step process and use this guide for long-term results

  4. 6 weekly comprehensive emails – A summary of each session in your inbox for future reference

  5. Access to the Hormonal Reset private Facebook group – For support and accountability when life takes over

Once you purchase the program, you will receive the invitation to attend the group sessions. Please remember to book your one-on-one sessions as soon as possible as the number of appointments available are limited.

Self-Care & Pleasure

The Hormonal Reset is a very useful tool. As I get my waist back after only three weeks, it gave me the motivation to go through the program.  I also understand clearly how changes in the balance of my hormones impact my daily life and can envision confidently the future, knowing how to manage those changes. 

Viviane, Sales Consultant


Valerie is a Wellness Facilitator and Wholefood Enthusiast. She provides guidance and support to women over 40 so they lift their energy up and bring their weight down. Her system transforms the sometimes chaotic or tumultuous 10-year menopausal window into a vibrant and explorative time. Her passion is to share the power of Food, Fasting, Mindfulness and Moving to make this transition a breeze and a joy.

She is a qualified Nutritionist (BHSc), Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher who believes in the potential of wholefood and mindfulness for good health and wellness. She consults worldwide, online, in English and in French.


When does this challenge start and finish?

The Hormonal Reset starts on Tuesday 13th of February 2024 for 6 weeks – Group sessions are scheduled every Tuesday at 6 pm AEST – Last session on Tuesday 19th of March 2024. Don’t forget to book your one-on-one sessions in advance to avoid disappointment.

Do I have to take supplements during the program? 

During the one-on-one sessions, a personalised protocol will be designed for you. Nutritional supplements will be recommended to facilitate your lifestyle changes and speed up your progress. Supplement costs are not included in the program as they are individually recommended. 

Can I follow the Hormonal Reset if I’m not living in Australia? 

You sure can. All the materials are online. If you choose to support your journey with nutritional supplements, and you are not living in Australia, we can recommend some European brands.

How much time do I need to dedicate for myself to get results?

This challenge is a time you invest in yourself. During perimenopause and menopause, what you used to eat, drink and think may not be working anymore. This program is based on dietary, lifestyle and mental adaptations you can fit into your busy lifestyle. You will need an hour a week to attend the group sessions and go through the material. You will also learn to find the space and time to implement what you have learnt during the week.

Do I need to attend the group sessions every week?

It is highly recommended you attend all group sessions. These sessions are not recorded to keep the confidentiality of the discussions happening in the group. If you cannot attend one week, let your facilitator know and refer to the recap email as soon as possible after the session. The Hormonal Reset is a step-by-step program where each and every step will lead you to achieve your goals with ease.  

Feel energised, lighter and in control