Your Vitality

Feel the energy and vitality
that comes from a well nourished
body and a happy
well balanced life!

Food  Fulfillment

 Reinforce your confidence
in your food choices,
lifestyle choices and
in yourself.

Body Confidence

Reinvent and implement
the actions you need
to feel refreshed,
fulfilled and find freedom.


Bright raspberries arranged on a wooden surface

BE Well – Feel Light™ – 12 Week Food & Lifestyle Program

Fresh green asparagus

BE Well – Food Focus Detox™ – 6 Week Program

A dew covered apple on the branch of an apple tree

BE Well – Individualised Nutritional Therapy

An outstretched hand in a pool of turquoise water holding a seashell

Conscious Self-Care™ for Neck & Shoulders – 6 Week Program

Two hands raised holding a cluster of copper fairy lights

BE Well – Be Touch

Be Well Vitality Wellness and Health in Brisbane West End - Nutrition and Lifestyle

About Valerie Perret

Hello,  I’m Valerie Perret. I am a Wellness Facilitator and Wholefood enthusiast, creator of BE Well – Feel Light™ & Food Focus Detox™ programs. My professional focus is to facilitate your access to your transformative power, so you create a well-nourished body and a happy well – balanced life. 

I consult both in English and French. In addition to my local practice in West-End, Brisbane, I support women all around the world.


“Valerie is not only a brilliant therapist
but to be in her presence is also a
big hug for your soul. Valerie is truly
professional yet personable. She always
consults on what you want to achieve
and then delivers to the highest level.”
 Julie, Mum of 3

“I am really happy that I have followed Valerie’s nutrition guidance. Without her informed advice I wouldn’t have the pleasure to live a normal and treatment-free life.”
– Jacques

“Val is amazing! I have been going to Val for over 6 months now for a workplace neck and shoulder massage.  I was having problems with my shoulder and with Val’s care and amazing technique I now have complete movement again.  6 months ago I would not have been able to handle a massage but now look forward to my weekly visit“
– Patricia D


Health, Wellness and Energy!