Holistic Healthy Living Method

From Feeling Stuck, Heavy & Tired to Live an Active & Productive Life


Join me on this 12 WEEK journey. Together, we will take you from feeling stuck, heavy and tired to live an active and productive lif without feeling deprived, missing out on food or spending hours at the gym.

The Holistic Healthy Living Method  has been specifically designed to help busy women like YOU achieve their ultimate goals and feel more energised, light and free than they have in years.

This Comprehensive Care Method is not another dieting method. This is a FULLY COACHED JOURNEY around supportive dietary and lifestyle adjustments adapted to your age and personal situation.

The Holistic Healthy Living Method is a SAFE AND RESEARCHED environment to bring you back in control with your food choices and lifestyle.

The Holistic Heatlhy Living is a Method created by Valerie Perret, Wellness Facilitator & Wholefood enthusiast,  qualified Nutritionist and founder of BE Well Vitality.

Feel more Energized, Light & Free!



1. Discover the importance of your gut health on your body, on your mood, and on your immunity

2. Learn to eliminate foods that slow you down to replace by foods that lift you up

3. Gain knowledge and practical tips about what might be stopping you from losing weight

4. Become competent about what triggers your cravings and emotional eating and master techniques to get back in control

5. Learn about the multi facets of stress to boost your energy and lose weight

6. Identify which foods, habits or environmental triggers stop you from being at your best

7. Explore new ways to nourish yourself with recipe, meal plan, cooking tips and self-care protocols

8. How to transform your current pain, fatigue and weight gain into healthy ageing


This method is for you if you are ready to

  • Start feeling at your best
  • Learn tips and trick to support your energy
  • Eat better and live better to live an active and productive life
  • Nourish your body and your mind
  • Embrace positive changes but don’t know where to start and want a comprehensive holistic method

The Holistic Healthy Living Method  has been created with all these concerns in mind. For you to get from feeling stuck, heavy and tired to become Energised, Light and Free.

It’s not for you if…

  • You are not ready to commit time and focus on changing your habits
Holistic-Healthy-Living Method

Live an active & productive life without feeling deprived



The Holistic Healthy Living Method  is a one-on-one coaching method that runs over 12 weeks.

Over 12 weeks, you will

  • Learn new healthy habits with the support of regular one on one meetings in clinic or on line, so you stay on track.
  • Get a full assessment of your health and wellness at the beginning and end of the program
  • Receive some meal plans to cater for your busy lifestyle, and a variety of easy to prepare recipes that taste great
  • Be taught easy to implement stress management methods
  • Get informative recorded sessions

Together, we will go through many aspects of your diet and lifestyle that have an impact on your energy, body and mood: food quality, food content, food timing, movement & exercise, stress, sleep, detoxification, gut health, brain function, mindset, organisation and more.

The Holistic Healthy Living Method includes:

  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions online or at the studio (30 to 45 minute sessions)
  • Your health and wellness assessment to personalize the method to your needs
  • Weekly emails that include practices, recipes, handouts. All materials are available 24-7 so you can learn and apply for long term improvements
  • A meal plan which caters for today’s busy lifestyle and recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great .
  • 10 day detox program including meal plans, recipes, workbook, and daily protocol
  • Weekly support via email
  • Your personal Holistic Healthy Living journal

The Holistic Healthy Living Method does not include

  • Recommended nutritional supplements and potential functional testing

Self-Care, Control & Pleasure



Valerie is a Wellness Facilitator and Wholefood Enthusiast. Based on her French culture, Australian experience and Sailing adventures around the world, she provides guidance to women ready to live life to the fullest and feel Confident, Light & Free. Her passion is to share the power of Lifestyle Medicine for healthy longevity.
She is a qualified Nutritionist (BHSc), Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher who believes in the potential of wholefood and mindfulness for good health and wellness. She consults both in English and French all around the world and from her studio in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
holistic healthy living methodHolistic-Healthy-Living Method
holistic healthy living method


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Live an active & productive life without feeling deprived



” I feel fantastic! This program is the best I’ve never done. I have lost weight, I’m not feeling my stomach so big and my focus is much much better. I didn’t realize before that my head was foggy, and that I couldn’t think straight. Now I perform better, I go from task to task easy. I just didn’t realize before this program how much diet affects your ability to think and to focus amongst all other things.” – Dorrie, Teacher, ACT

I loved the structure of this program. Changing behaviours/ habits is difficult, but changing one or two behaviours at a time and substituting them for a better alternative is fantastic way of changing behaviours in the long term. This program is good value for money because I have a way of eating and living that is for the rest of my life, and I believe that I now have the tools to maintain this.” – Pauline, Accountant, QLD